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KeithTheGeek avatar 8:13 PM on 11.21.2012  (server time)
Controllers with Screens!

With all of this news of people enjoying the heck out of their new-fangled screened controllers with that fancy internet connections of theirs, it’s only fair that I too got to enjoy such amazingness. So, without further ado, here’s my brand spanking new tech toy:

What? This isn’t what you were expecting? Oh. My mistake. This isn’t a Wii U at all, now is it? Well, I’ve had this Dreamcast I bought a year or two ago…just sitting here, with only one game for it. So, I did what any sensible person would do after letting it collect dust for two years- I bought stuff for it. And by “stuff” I mean that cool blue VMU (hey, those rhymed!) up there. I also got a couple of games through, erm, means.

Now that I’m armed with a VMU, and those two games, I can finally give the Dreamcast a real test run. First up, Sonic Adventure 2.

My experience with 3D Sonic games thus far has been…somewhat unpleasant. To put things into perspective, the very first 3D Sonic game I’ve played (discounting Sonic the Fighters) was Sonic 06. Yeah. I’ve also played Sonic Colors, but I wasn’t very enamored with that game. So, understandably, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, I actually like SA2! Fancy that, eh?

Okay, okay, but there’s a catch. There’s always a catch when it comes to Sonic. And that is the camera. Already I’ve inadvertently jumped off a cliff once because the camera was causing me some issues. It’s a major hindrance to deal with, but the game itself feels otherwise solid.

One of my biggest problems with recent Sonic games is that they toss Sonic through levels without much input from the player…and at speeds that are pretty hard to control. I get that speed is his shtick, but your games also have to be playable, you know? Thankfully, Sonic Adventure 2 seems to have struck up the right balance between speed and being able to PLAY the game. Knuckles also controlled fairly well, and Tails…well, Tails just kinda sucks. I’m guessing his levels may end up being my least favorite of the batch.

Something that I want to touch on before moving on is the cutscenes. Ignoring the fact that they want me to take a game where the military is chasing a hedgehog seriously, and also ignoring the infamously bad mouth flaps and animations, the voice actors…kinda suck. I remember reading a few years ago about people complaining about the 4Kids actors being used in the Sonic games, but after hearing these guys…all I have to say to that is “are you guys serious?” The 4Kids actors actually can, you know, act. Aside from maybe Sonic (who’s annoying with pretty much any actor anyways), most of the voices just make me cringe. Tails in particular is just horrible. Well, anyways…

Power Stone 2 is up next! Did I like it? In short…no, not really. I probably need to try out multiplayer before fully passing judgment, but from the time I spent adjusting to the controls and such, I feel as if it’s a tad overrated. There doesn’t seem to be too many options for attacks, and the system itself just lacks a lot of the subtle nuance from the Smash Bros. games, which Power Stone is oft compared to. I’m actually really disappointed that I didn’t like this too much. When I noticed people saying it was like 3D Smash Bros., I couldn’t wait to try it for myself. Instead, I got a slow paced, overly-simplified fighting game.

Some disappointment aside, I’m glad to finally be playing a good 3D Sonic game. And now that I have my VMU, I can look to playing some more old games in the future. When I’m through with Sonic, I will probably tackle Jet Set Radio. Fingers crossed that it deserves the hype it gets, eh? Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go sulk over the fact that I don’t have a Wii U.

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