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Keith Tennyson's blog

4:17 PM on 03.29.2012

Music In Games

You know.Some people in life don't appreciate the music in games sometimes.But it's music is what makes about half of the game.Like for example Resident Evil 3:Nemesis.It wouldn't be spooky as it is without the chilling music that plays when nemesis is near or coming near.And its the music that wins the game the extra bit well in reviews.

But most of the gaming community out there really enjoys the music out there.But enjoys certain aspects of current generation music.Which I currently enjoy but not as much as classic's.Which explains why I play Fallout 3 so much.

I hope this (pretty much rubbish) blog helped see some of you why music makes a game where it currently is.   read

5:47 PM on 02.15.2012

Review:Soul Calibur 5

Hi! I will be reviewing Soul calibur 5.Soul calibur 5 came out early this month.It is a fighting game made by Namco.


The story featured a Young boy (well 17 lol) looking for his sister).This is a spoiler free review so your ok!
The story was rather disappointing as it was only 1-2 hours long and 21 chapters.But the plot was ok


The gameplay is rather fluid and faster than the other soul calibur games.It is very nice and much like one of its predecessor's Soul calibur 2.So if you are looking for a nice fast paced fighting game this is your pick.But just dont decide on the gameplay more to come!


Ranging from 29 characters (not including created characters,soul of devil jin) All the characters have a unique play style of different variety of weapons.Soul calibur 5 has Ezio from the game series:Assassin's Creed by Ubisoft.Each character has 2 costumes and you can make more for them

Character Creation

The soul calibur franchise allows you to create your own character to fight in the universe.ranging from various clothes and tattoos.It's definitely the best character creation out of the series.You are aloud to pick any characters fighting style including Devil Jin's from Tekken.


The online features a great community and allows you to play people from around the world and maybe even your own city.You can join a huge lobby and even if you are not feeling like playing.You can skip your turn and spectate!

Verdict (Totally from IGN lol)

A great game,But a lousy story mode

Rating:8.5   read

1:38 PM on 02.06.2012

Training Final Fantasy XIII-2

Being a huge final fantasy fan I seeming to do really bad at the new final fantasy game...I've only played two Final fantasy's though...Final fantasy X and 7 both also good games and I seemed pretty decent at them.

But is it because I haven't played a final fantasy game in ages..Or my older self is really getting more bad at turn based games Or the game is to tough Because I didn't find they're tutorial that helpful either.
I should just wait until Versus 13 comes out...because I was awesome at Kingdom Hearts   read

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