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KeenanTheSavage's blog

2:28 PM on 11.09.2011

Mr. Destructoid + Basis Clothing

Hello everybody! My name is Keenan Payne. I am a freelance web and graphic designer based in the US, and run many sites such as Default Prime, and most recently, Basis Clothing.

Basis Clothing is my own clothing company that I am starting, and a lot of the designs are based off of what influences me every day. Most of our designs and skateboard and snowboard-oriented, but I am also a very avid gamer, and fan of Destructoid. Not only the editorial content and amazing staff, but the community as well.

So I got in touch with Niero about getting a t-shirt made featuring Mr. Destructoid, and he was all for it. So the design process started, and below you can see the final product.

What I'm posting this for though, is to ask for help in funding these t-shirts, and starting this company. We have a Kickstarter page up, and are 22% of the way to reaching our goal. The page can be found at So if any of you guys would like to contribute, you can guarantee yourself one of these t-shirts, or any t-shirt for that matter, in any size or gender, by just pledging $25.

I love design, and launching this company would be a dream come true for me. If you guys have the money and appreciate the design, we would be more than grateful for your contributions. If not, we completely understand.

We actually have quite a few designs up, all of which can be viewed at, and any feedback or comments that you have would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading this, and you can expect me to keep you guys updated on the process of getting the t-shirts printed.

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