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7:31 PM on 09.27.2007

Halo = Mario With Guns

So I might not be a master shopper (please no stealing as the image says) but upon scanning my Deviantart account, ladyrevan82 posted on her blog that makes every gamer, male or female, cringe:

Randomly overheard conversation from work:

Male Student Worker (MSW): Don't you know what Halo is?

Female Student Worker (FSW): What, that's like what the angels wear, right?

MSW: No--well, yeah. But I'm talking about the video game.

FSW: Video game? What, like Mario?

MSW: Yeah, but this game is a shooter.

FSW: What? So, like, Mario with guns?

MSW: No, not-- *pause* Yes. Yes, Halo is Mario with guns.

Awesome. Just awesome. That's pretty much all I have to say. No witty comment, no "if only Halo was Mario with guns", I'll let you guys come up with your own witty comments. In the mean time, I'll continue to yell at Microsoft for breaking my 360 again.   read

7:30 AM on 09.22.2007

Yet Another 360 Blows Up, Rabbid Blogger Angry

No, not Rabbid as in I blog about everything. I just love the Rabbids. I mean, someone who draws them and puts them up in my banner... come on. That's true devotion.

About a month and a half ago I received the Red Ring of Doom, Death, and Destruction (a.k.a. the 3 Red Lights) via an Xbox Live Update. Of all the idiotic ways that my system would blow up from the Red Ring, it had to be from an update. But sure enough, upon rebooting of the system it crashed. So I called Microsoft and had it shipped out.

A little more than a week ago I got my new system back. Plugged it in, everything was fine. Had to re-download some expansions, but for the most part it was fine, up until last night of course. On Thursday I managed to reserve myself a copy of the Halo 3 Collectors (the second level) before GameStop decided to shut them off and only allow the Regular edition to be reserved. Happy I went home to find out that.. oh no... it's another Xbox Live update. What's with these people?

After calling some friends who were already online, they all confirmed the update to be safe for your system. Updated, cool. However the disk drive wasn't acting properly. Now, coming from a system that's standing upright in my home, I've had that problem with my last 360. In fact, it even made a copy of Overlord jump out of the CD Holder and skip a little into the system, damaging the disk beyond all recognition.

Last night, my sister started playing LEGO Star Wars 2 (great game), when we started to hear the disk grinding while it was reading the disk. Thinking back to Overlord, I could just see her be very upset if it damaged her disk. So I told her to shut it down and just have it sit for a moment. A while later we ejected the disk, no harm done to the disk. Shut the system off again, watched a little TV.

Last night I booted it up again to play the COD4 Beta for a while until my friend wanted to play Rainbow Six. So I went back, popped in the disk, machine said "Open Tray" Huh? Opened the tray, it struggled for a bit but when it opened, there was no disk. Panicked I shut the system off and then laid it horizontal. Turned it on, ejected, and there was the disk. Put it back in the machine, and the next thing I heard made me a VERY upset gamer.

The drive started to work and then a loud halting gears was sound. Like there was something preventing the machine to spin the disk. The next thing that came up "Unrecognizable Disk". I put in every single Xbox Game I own, same problem.

Now I know that there's nothing I can do unless I want to risk popping my system open and voiding my warranty (which would suck if I got Doom, Death, and Destruction back). But it's defiantly hardware, not software which is causing my 360 not to read my disks. If anyone out there actually does have an answer to fixing the 360 (even though the warranty would expire), I would take it into consideration and may have my computer building, hardware specialist friend take a look at it.

So now I'm very irate at the moment. I already spent a month and a week waiting because an Xbox Live Update fried my first system, and yet again it prevents me to read any of my games. And if I have to pay to get it fixed, my head's going to hit the roof. For crying out loud, it's been a little over a week since I just got it back. The good news is, I'm taking it easy so when I call them, I can yell at them with finesse and not raising my voice or using colorful metaphors, which would totally be what I would do right about now. 2 Xbox Live Updates crashing my systems, and once again sending it back. I really don't care about not being able to play Halo 3 right away, it's just I'll be without my 360 for another month.

The moral of the story: Don't reserve Halo 3. It corrupts your systems.   read

9:22 AM on 09.03.2007

Campaign To Those Bound For Earth, Fuel Optional

Fans of the game Earthbound, otherwise known as Mother 2 in japan, released on the SNES know of the existence of two other games that were never released to our shores; Mother (Earthbound Zero) for the NES and Mother 3 (Earthbound 3) for the GBA. Although neither of those games ever made it here, Ness continues to fight on in the Super Smash Bros. series.

However, has said enough is enough with the lack of support for Earthbound and has started what they call EB Siege, a campaign to get Earthbound back in America. They're urging everyone to help spread the support of Earthbound by either calling Nintendo, submitting fan art to Nintendo Power, or just mailing them an Earthbound style postcard.

So if you want to see Earthbound back in the states again, besides the eventual release of Earthbound on the Virtual Console, start showing your support. If you could care less, hop on over and see what the Virtual Console has to pathetically offer for the week.

Special Thanks: Sketch, moderator of Rockman.EXE Online forums.   read

10:19 PM on 09.02.2007

Import Review: Rockman.EXE 4.5: Real Operation (GBA)

Author's note: Okay, so I forgot about the Video Game Review thread on the forums. So I posted it there as well. If you want, go ahead and look there. Sorry for the confusion. And now, onto the review.

When Battle Network Rockman.EXE, otherwise known as Mega Man Battle Network, premiered in 2001, many Mega Man fans did not like the concept of a card based RPG based with Mega Man characters. Battle Network continued for six more years, releasing at least one game every year, however one game never made it to American soil, Rockman.EXE 4.5: Real Operation. A game with an interesting twist to the Battle Network franchise that gives almost an MMO feel to it, but the question is it worth importing?

Rockman.EXE 4.5: Real Operation isn't set inside the actual Battle Network storyline. In fact Real Operation takes you, the gamer, inside the world of Battle Network. When you first start up the game you'll have to set a few options, the time of day, your age, name, and occupation. Afterwards you'll be able to select one of four Net Navigator's. Each Navi has different stats and level up requirements as well as abilities both in the net and in battles. But don't worry, you'll be able to switch between any of the Navi's any time you want to, so don't worry about it being permanent. Throughout the course of the game, your Navi will ask you personal questions like if you have any younger or older siblings, who your best friends are, etc. so that they will be able to get to know you better. Each time you answer a question of their's, a program will appear in your homepage so you may add, edit, or delete any of the answers you gave to your Navi.

Because Real Operation takes you inside the Battle Network world, the game will take place in real time. Events will occur in the game as the days pass. Certain viruses will show up at both certain times and days. You'll also be able to add events into your calendar so you may remember events in either the actual game or in your own life. If you're actually playing the game at the time of the event, your Navi will inform you as well. To put simply, Real Operation turns your Game Boy into a PET. You'll be always be able to jack into your homepage and from there navigate the world.

Battling is much different from the previous Battle Network video games. It's not called Real Operation for kicks and giggles. Instead of being able to control your Navi and selecting chips in the custom window, three battle chips will appear at the bottom of the screen. You'll tell your Navi who to attack and how much distance they should keep between the enemy and themselves. You can always change your options at any time during the game, so don't think once you set it it's done. The custom bar is still present, but it works differently. Instead of waiting to fill up to select any chips, it'll limit the type of chips you can use. You can also inform your Net Navi to perform one of two attacks by pressing either the L or R buttons.

For those that purchase the bundle, you'll be treated to a Battle Chip Gate, a device that you can attach to your Game Boy Advance, as well as five Battle Chips that you'll be able to use with the game. You may also use any Battle Chip you receive from the Mattel Mega Man: NT Warrior toy line. Of course, you can purchase a Battle Chip Gate separately, however be sure to purchase the correct one. Real Operation only works with the Battle Chip Gate made for the PET Advance Battle Chips. It gives a different feel for battling seeming you have to use your own personal chips. However, you are able to use both the in game and your own chips during battles, so don't think it's a one or the other. The downside of the Battle Chip Gate is unlike your in-game folder, you will not be able to use depleted chips in other battles unless you jack out of the net. After using a Battle Chip, it will inform you on the screen how many times you may use that chip again. Another downside is that incase you have multiple chips; the game only thinks you have one of that particular chip. So if you have two Area Steals yet one's already been used up, you will not be able to use the other one.

Most of the time in Real Operation, you'll be on "Delete the Darkloid" quests as you venture from area to area hunting down the next Darkloid. This tends to be a damper on the game with the fact that in order to progress in the story of Real Operation, you have to hunt down every last Darkloid. You may also to participate in area tournaments. The only problem is that the tournaments all take place at the same exact times of the day. That also tends to be a problem seeming when your jack into the net, you always start in your homepage and are unable to create shortcuts to other areas of the net. There are also weekend tournaments you may sign up for. However, some of the sign-ups for the tournaments are only available during certain times of the day. Miss the 6AM - 7AM sign up? Guess you’ll have to wait till noon.

Again, you'll start off with only four characters. During the course of the game, you'll be able to unlock more characters by fighting in a specific weekend tournament or by using special Navi Chips in the Battle Chip Gate. Of course, a certain number of Navi's can only be unlocked this way. As well as fighting in the specific tournaments, some Navi's can only be unlocked if you fight in that tournament with a specific Navi. To put simply, you have to fight in the tournaments and the "Delete the Darkloid" quests with every character to fully beat the game. To insure replay value, each Navi will have their own specific folder and Key Items. Have a great Battle Chip in Rockman's folder? Unfortunately Roll won't have it in her's. Navi's can share Zenny, library, and chips in your Pack, but power ups, key items, and folders will not. So you'll have to start the Darkloid quest from the very beginning with the basic folder every time and beginning stats with every new character you play as.

As far as graphics are concerned, this game uses the same graphical style as the later Battle Network games, namely Battle Network 4. Additional characters besides Rockman have been fully animated for both the net and battles. Though some of the net animations could have been drawn better, and in fact were for those characters in Battle Network 5 and 6. Each character also has their own theme music when they're inside the PET, however just like the Battle Network games, some of the music seems like it will never end and will get burned into your brain. Thank goodness for the volume control.

Real Operation is good for die hard fans of the series looking for something to break the mold between the Real World/Net World adventures of Battle Network. The concept of actually being an operator while your Navi fights has it's advantages yet disadvantages as well, such as yelling at your Navi when he didn't dodge an attack you know you would have been easily able to. The addition of the Battle Chip Gate control also adds a sense of actually being in the universe, but at the same time makes you realize that selecting a chip in the game is a lot easier than searching through your collection to find the one chip you need. Real Operation has an interesting concept going for it, however with an uninspired quest and being forced to repeat it with multiple characters hinder this twist to the Battle Network universe.

Score: 8 out of 10   read

10:15 PM on 07.23.2007

Back from Otakon, Broke my Cell

Well Otakon 2007 is over, and I'm tired. So much stuff to do, so much stuff to buy. And unfortunately my bank account doesn't like me anymore, especially with Keiji Inafune going to GameStop on the 7th and college right around the corner. But it was fun. For the most part I hung out with the OtaRockman group and had a decent photo shoot on Saturday. Apparently Tim from CAD was there, but I didn't get to meet him for an awesome Destructoid picture. Not that I have any Destructoid merch or anything.

Ever had to change a tire in the parking garage with knowing only the basic knowledge of how to actually perform this miracle feet without the use of mashing on the A button? Yup that was fun. One of my friends had a flat tire and had no knowledge of how to fix the tire. Well the spare tire was applied and everything was fine, until I found out that while attempting to change the tire, my cell phone screen received a nice crack from myself while trying to roll the flatten tire to the trunk. Because I don't have a digital camera, all of my picture were from my cell phone. And now I can't even see the screen to use it. So no pictures for you... that is for now.

All in all, Otakon was fun. For all those that went, see you next year... if you can find me.   read

10:31 AM on 07.12.2007

15 Virtual Console Must Owns

With over 100 Virtual Console games on the Wii Shop Channel and three new games coming out every Monday, it's almost a hassle to figure out what game to get and what not to get. Of course you know that getting Super Mario Bros. will be money well spent, but what about some of these others that you've never heard of, or actually have heard of but never played before. Well, as a Nintendo junkie since the age of 2 I'm here to help you out in your quest for the best Virtual Console video games, whether you physically own the games or not. Most of these you've probably heard and played before. Some you probably haven't. Whatever the case may be, here is my list of the 15 must own Virtual Console games.

Bomberman '93 (TG16 | 600 Points)
Bomb Man is the robot that Dr. Light and Dr. Wily created when they were drunk. I mean Fire Man was in charge of the city's heat, Elec Man was the city's electricity... wait we're not talking about Mega Man? Oh wait, Bomberman. Whoops, wrong game series. Bomberman though is still fun, and is one of the rare titles you can play with up to 5 people. Plant bombs, run away, and hope that your friends get hit by the blast. Last man standing wins. Easy right? Yeah, you say that after you don't realize your friend planted a bomb near you and blew you up.

Donkey Kong Country (SNES | 800 Points)
Donkey Kong Country brought life back into our favorite kidnapper gorilla. Up until then, Donkey Kong was trying to stay on the good side of the law by attempting to adhere to his parole. But once K. Rool stole all of Donkey Kong's banana's, he decided to get revenge by seeking out K. Rool and also killing any alligators, bugs, and insects that got in his way.

Gunstar Heroes (GEN | 800 Points)
Red and Blue have been all star gunslinger brothers, saving the world. However when their third brother Green teams up with the bad guys, Red and Blue have no choice but to go out to stop this evil organization. Yes, the names sound like they came straight out of Pokemon, however the game play is top notch. This fast paced game will have you shooting at pretty much everything that comes your way. Believe me when I say that even with co-op play, this game is hard.

Kirby's Adventure (NES | 500 Points)
Everyone's favorite pink ball that has a black hole as a stomach is back. Kirby's first adventure is tough and shows that it doesn't matter what color you are, it just matters how much your stomach can take. Kirby is so good that every time you die it's always funny when Kirby eats the hand that points to "End Game"

The Legend of Zelda (NES | 500 Points)
Unless you don't already own LoZ for the Game Boy Advance or on the special Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition for Gamecube, you should pick it up for the Virtual Console. If you do own it already, then go and skip to the next game. This game started off the open-ended RPG. You could go anywhere you wanted to go, do anything you wanted to do. You even could shoot laser beams from your sword. Laser beams from a sword people. How cooler can you get?

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES | 800 Points)
We don't talk about Zelda II. It may be a cool game and the 100th game to hit the Virtual Console, but as Zelda games go, we don't talk about Zelda II. Zelda III, however, made up for it. LttP started the whole Light World/Dark World game play. You had the Light world and the Dark world, and both you had to free from Ganon's control. Long, open-ended, and you can still shoot laser beams from your sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64 | 1000 Points)
If you already own a copy of this for Gamecube, skip on past. If not, you should pick up Ocarina of Time. Why? Well because it was the 1997 Game of the Year, that's why. A lot of games now try to model off of Ocarina of Time. Even Twilight Princess tried it. Needless to say this was the second game to help Nintendo's 64.

Ninja Gaiden (NES | 500 Points)
Do you like games that cause you to throw your controller half way across the room? Then Ninja Gaiden is for you. In terms of difficulty, it ranks up there with Mega Man 2 and Battletoads. Yes, this game is tough. Impossible, no. Going to take you 20 years just to get passed Stage 2, probably.

Sonic the Hedgehog (GEN | 800 Points)
Mario and Sonic. So good to see them on the same console. Now if they were in the same game besides the upcoming Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, that would be even better. Why not put Sonic in Smash Bros. Brawl? I mean you do have Solid Snake after all. But then again if they put Sonic in there, I would want them to put Mega Man in there too. EXE, not any of the other ones. Seriously, EXE is the only one of the Mega Man's that actually use a sword. Zero doesn't count, he's not Mega Man. Oh wait, this is about the Sonic the Hedgehog game right? Well it's good, get it.

Star Fox 64 (N64 | 1000 Points)
4 words that will always help you in life, "Do a Barrel Roll!". Star Fox 64 rebuilt the series from Star Fox on the SNES. It was good to see this game reborn and actually perform better than the first. And it also taught you that doing Barrel Rolls will deflect enemy attacks. Now if only Star Fox Assault could learn from 64.

Super Castlevania IV (SNES | 800 Points)
I'm not a big Castlevania fan. But when NickBrutal told me that Super Castlevania IV was coming out to the Virtual Console, he also told me to never show my face to him unless I bought it. Needless to say, I bought it. It's good. It's not like the newer Castlevania's on the DS, but it still carries the Castlevania feel.

Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, World, and 64 (NES, SNES, and N64 | 500, 800, and 1000 Points)
Unlike the Zelda series where certain games are good and certain ones are bad, all of the Super Mario games have been good. Yes even Super Mario Bros. 2 the hacked Doki Doki Panic version. Super Mario Bros. 1 showed us that even a plumber from Brooklyn could save the world while jumping like Superman. Super Mario Bros. 2 told us that vegetables are good for you and bad for everyone else. Super Mario World told us that not all dinosaurs were flesh eating monsters. Some were used as horses and held a black hole as a stomach just like a certain pink ball. Super Mario 64 showed us that paintings don't hold a thousand words, they're actually transporters to other worlds. Words worlds, same difference right?

There you have it, 15 must have games. Of course that's a small fraction of the video games out there, and I didn't even touch other good ones like F-Zero X, Mario Kart 64, or even R-Type III. But this will get you started until you wait for better games like Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and of course Super Metroid.   read

7:23 PM on 07.11.2007

So Many Games, So Little Money...

E3, how I hate thee. You come once a year to lure my wallet closer to the TV screen and then empty it on all the games it wants to buy. But then again, I can't blame it for all the games it picks, can I? Let's go down the list of games that my wallet wants to help find it's way into my home.

Mass Effect isn't really for myself. More like my sister. Trust me, she beats the crap out of Star Wars KOTOR day to day. After hearing about Mass Effect, she wasn't too thrilled. After seeing it, she wanted to get it. Though a third-person RPG shooter? I guess I'll have to see how this one is too. It's also good to see Bioware sticking to it's choose your own adventure line again.

Anyone who played the first Mario Strikers knew that Next Level Games had done something Hudson could never do. A face paced Super Smash Bros. like sports game. Now to see it not only on the Wii but online makes this little gamer itching for more. Luckily it comes out sooner than everything else.

Beautiful Katamari-
Katamari, how I love thee. But what difficult choice I have to choose either Wii or 360. Graphically it would be nice on the 360, but it would also be interesting to see how the controls feel on the Wii. All in all, Katamari shows that there's some drug that the developers are taking that's so illegal that even we haven't heard of it.

Super Mario Galaxy-
I'm done. There's nothing to say. It's Mario. He also wears a Bee Suit? Still, can't wait.

I'm a stickler for Mega Man games. And even though I already have the Japanese version of Mega Man Star Force: Pegasus, I would like to see what the game looks like in English. And the fact that there's 3 versions (Leo, Pegasus, and Dragon) coming out makes my life easier.

Mega Man ZX: Advent-
Again, stickler for Mega Man games. The first ZX was great. Now you play as a future Axl. Well Axl may not have been my first choice as a hero, but it's Mega Man.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl-
Again, I'm done. There's no explanation needed.

Guitar Hero III-
Yay for Guitar Hero. Maybe this time they'll remember to keep up with the downloadable content. Guitar Hero is great, and finally able to show off to my friend Carl that I am the true master (between him and me of course) at Sweet Child O' Mine is nice too.

Mario Kart (Wii)-
What's this? A new Mario Kart? Sign me up. Mario Kart has always shown that racing games can be fun when you throw turtle shells at your opponent. If only you could use those weapons in real life.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2-
Okay, do you see all the Rabbids above in my picture? Seriously, do you? If they weren't a clue I can't wait I don't know what is.

What? No Halo 3? No Assassins Creed? Trust me, I may like those games, but that's not on my high list. Nor is the mysterious Wii Blaster game (but when I find details of it, it might). Besides, there's still games I wish they would make, like Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. How about you? Are you feeling the weight of your wallet wanting all these different games?   read

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