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Kazooaloo avatar 3:02 PM on 01.30.2008  (server time)
System Shocked

You never know where life takes you. Almost a month ago, my PC blew up (BIOS and Power supply) causing me to lose life from the internet. But there came some good when my dad was able to supply me an old laptop. Now I don't use "old" to loosely, but when you see the nice giant sticker on your laptop that says "Intel Pentium III" you start to cringe.

Good bye Halo, so long Flight Simulator. That's right, I've downgraded. It almost makes the specs for WoW, if I only had some more memory and a better graphics card. But it's a lappy, and I don't think you can upgrade a graphics card.

Thanks to my good friend Jace, I now have a lifetime supply of old games. We're talking Doom, Diablo 2, Starcraft, even a game that I'm falling in love with, although it is scaring the living crap out of me, System Shock 2.

I'm not a PC gamer. For me, PC games just take too much. All of you who upgraded your computer to the maximum just to play Crysis let me tell you, in a couple weeks a new game will come out that will go beyond that and you'll have to upgrade again. I like console games better because it's a set platform. You don't have to worry about installing a new graphics card for a game to work. That aside, I now understand why Bioshock has done so successful. Bioshock and System Shock are pretty much similar, excluding the "shock" in their title. You have multiple weapons, the ability to use magic, weither it's Psi or injecting your arm, and the ever so lovely turning around the corner and jumping half way out of your seat because you didn't realize that there was an enemy aiming at your head with a shotgun, and now you're dead.

What I like about System Shock 2 better than Bioshock, and not because one is set in space and the other is underwater, but the fact that there's an element of co-op. You can have up to four players connected through LAN. And since there's only 3 classes, you can see how you can fair. It's always fun to hear someone go "Spider! S***, s***, s***, s*** s*** s*** S***!!!" and find out that they've died while you were busy searching a dead corpse looking for some ammo, and maybe a drink and a snack.

If you're trying to find this game now, it ain't going to be in stores, that's for sure. I was able to find it on Amazon for $40, and that's the cheapest. Course there's other online opportunities you can nab it, but that's really stretching it. And for all you crafty kids that steal your games well... you can do that too.... I guess.

All in all System Shock 2 is great. Graphic's aren't anything to look at, but for a game to come out in the Windows 98 era to still scare the crap out of a newcomer is always a good sign this day of age. This isn't a formal review so I won't give it a score, but keep your eye out for this one.


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