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Kazooaloo avatar 8:11 AM on 06.28.2008  (server time)
Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Fun Pack Annoucned

As I got up this morning and checked my inbox, Ubisoft sent me (and probably anyone else who signed up for R6V2 updates) and e-mail linking to a video on their website. The R6V2 Fun Pack was shown off in the video. The Fun Pack will be available for free in July. The pack contains expanded ACES and Ranks, updates for multiplayer modes, and 3 new, but old, maps.

For the ACES, each ACES goes up to level 100, with every level after 20 giving you 5000 XP. The new Ranks start at Elite, being renamed Elite 1, and go up to Elite 99. As for the maps they are CQB Training Dark, Murdertown Dark, and Calipso Casino from the first R6V (though I personally wanted LVU Campus to return). All three maps have remained untouched as far as layout.

As for the advancements in multiplayer mode:

- Speed to zoom in and out has been made quicker
- Incindiary grenades and C4 explosions are quicker. Also Incindiary grenades detonate faster, now, than frags.
- Grenade indicators (think Call of Duty) have been added

Finally a new mode for hosts can be used called High Stakes mode. In this mode:

- Covering will not allow you to help peer around corners without actually peeking around, encouraging players to peek to check their surrondings.
- The number of clips and grenades/specials have been reduced
- Aim assist is no longer shown and the bullet spread is increased, encouraging players to zoom in for shots.
- "The player will enter a visual state of critical health when close to death. Health Regeneration is also disabled
- Radar and Grenade indicators are disabled
- Friendly fire is always on

Also, two options were added for hosts as well:

- Allow voice: which allows hosts to set if teams can continue to talk to one another while they're dead, or Alive Only as the default is currently.
- Random respawn: allows for teams to respawn in set designated areas or to respawn randomly to prevent spawn killing.

As said before, the Fun Pack releases in July for free. If you wish to see the video showing in action all the new content: Now to count down the days until this releases.

- Kazoo

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