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Kasreyn's blog

2:55 PM on 04.13.2009

Exciting Arcade Action for your IBM PC (Digger)

A post in the forums reminded me of why I got into gaming.

This is a tale that started in 1983 when Rob Sleath created Digger for the IBM PC ( As the magazine ad says, this is a true arcade game for the home computer. The gameplay is simple, challenging but fun. And it holds up even today. A truely classical game. When the Nobbins shapeshifts into Hobbins you better get out of their way. As a much.. much! younger me, even before the NES, I was obsessed with this game.

Yes, it's inspired by Dig Dug but this is really not that game. To me, this is the original.

This is me playing the game in dosbox CGA mode ( It was so long ago I had forgotten where the firebutton is (F1, it's a different game when you know). The timing and sound may be a little bit off but it's close enough and runs the original DIGGER.COM.

The game can practicly be run on anything these days thanks to community contributions. There's even a port for the DS here

The images are from where you can also download a version that works on modern PCs.


6:12 PM on 04.12.2009

Kasreyn's gameroom!

Hello! The idea here is to introduce myself and my gameroom.

I've been lurking on destructoid for a good year now and I read the site every morning over breakfast, sometimes over tea. I also listen to the podcasts, I've probably heard every RFGO retroactively.

I'm a confused gamer. There's just so many damn games! It can be overwhelming but you have to love them and the variety. I enjoy listening to RFGO talk about old games, they open my eyes to games I might have otherwise missed. But I also like the new stuff! I guess my point is I like to try new things regardless when the game was made.

Music is an aboslute integral part of videogames, My all time best music in a game is Homeworld and Metroid Prime. I love chiptunes and the sound of analog/soft synths. Also, remixes of outrun on :)

This here website is mine:

And here it is, my gaming room with custommade TVstand. Already expanded this a couple of times with the shelf and another layer under the TV but I wish I had even more space .. and somewhere to put my A500 :)

Normally I hate daylight ;)

Left of TV: PS2
Below TV top: PS3, Silverstone case (VIA EPIA EX 15000, used as mediacenter PC and Linux server)
Below TV bottom: HT-DDWG800 receiver, i love this thing because it features loads of component/HDMI connections, it provides decent sound too. And to the right of that, honorary spot for a Sega Saturn, shmup and spritemonster of my heart.
Top shelf: Speakers,SFC,Wii
On Table: DC,GC

On to the games!

I guess pictures of collections can give other people a hint of who you are and what you are interested in?

I know!, a meager collection of SNES games.. needs more Super Metroid. That down there in the left corner is my entire collection of movies..

PSP and DS:



Wipeout HD
Pixeljunk Eden
Pixeljunk Monsters
The Last Guy
Söldner-X Himmelssturmer
1942: Joint Strike
Bionic Commando Rearmed
Blast Factor
Super Stardust HD
Wolf of the battlefield Commando 3
Everyday Shooter
Noby Noby Boy
Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
Crash Commando


These are actually imported NTSC versions, yeah.. I went a little bit crazy for a while there..


Ahh.. "50 great games", I actually played through most of them at the time.

Now wait a minute..

That Triclops game made me feel sick... wait.. this was later made into a BBC television series, The Tripods?

A few years ago I watched the Tripods, that was good stuff :)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!   read

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