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9:07 AM on 12.12.2010


OMG Im A Picture Noob

What is a noob? Well a noob is a person is inexperienced with what ever they are doing, It tends to be used more in the gaming world. Everyone was a noob once it doesn't matter what game your playing. Just like you have to crawl before you walk, you have to be a noob before you pwn.

You should help out your fellow noob not exterminate them to get prestige. By helping them you well allow yourself to have some competition.

Who decides if your a noob (God, Game Designers, Chuck Norris).

Five ways to tell if your a noob.
1. Asking how I (insert here anything)
2. Being Pwn'd and screaming, yelling, and cursing because of it.
3. Having more deaths then kills
4. Killing yourself.
5. Rage Quiting

Are you a noob? If so comment below.   read

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