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10:08 PM on 07.11.2008

New MKPodcast + Renders + Info

Worlds Collide website has updated with a brand new MKPodcast, you can find it and listen to it on the bottom. Some Key points they mention are:

The E3 Build of MKvsDC will include Scorpion, Sub-zero, Batman, Superman, The Flash, and one more unannounced character.

Each character will have their own unique Free-Fall and Klose Kombat attacks (such as Catwoman scratching, and Scorpion brutally punching).

The Comic-Con build of MKvsDC will include a few new characters (not shown in E3) that will "have a huge impact on the fans..."

Liu Kang (obvious) and Captain Marvel (unexpected) have been announced to the game.

Of course you can get more info, more news, and listen to the full audio which will answer a few questions (some good, some obvious) and they will keep us updated with a 3rd episode if anything else comes up. You can check out the MKpodcast off the MKvsDC website:

Another thing: Gamespot has just updated their website with some new E3 Preview coverage. They show off a new MKvsDC trailer which shows off a bit of the new characters, as well as the last 10 seconds include a glimpse of Scorpion's Toasty Fatality (Yes, there will be Fatalities and Brutalities). A key aspect of the coverage is a mention of "Test Your Might" which will be making a return to the game. Gamespot was quoted saying "As far as the new 'test your might' minigame goes, we have to say we're very pleased by how it fits in to the action." So I have high hopes for that as well.

Also off the MKvsDC website you can find several new (old ones are up as well, in case you're interested or you might have missed it) hi-res character renders (under "Download Art") of such characters as:

Shang Tsung




My Opinion (If it means anything):

I love the Shang Tsung render. It's my favorite so far. I love the stance, the attire looks great-- a mixture of DA facial with a new blend of MK3 ninja. The souls look cool, and it's great to finally see the renders in some type of action.

I don't like the Sonya render. She looks physically fit, but I'm not digging the stiff nips and the thong tan-line. Not to mention see looks like Chris Crocker with a subtle yet noticeable 5 O' clock shadow. I'm also not digging the emo-style haircut... maybe it's the angle, who knows. I'm digging the background though... it kinda reminds me of Guile's stage.

Flash looks great. Again, the render is actually in some kind of unique motion and I think that's great. He has some good facial features, and the costume is exactly what I expected. The motion blur for the speed looks good and the background behind him looks fairly decent as well. I dunno about the lips, they're good but there's just something about em.

Catwoman looks great. I'm really digging the leather and the unzipped cleavage. It really suits her bad-girl image, and I think that's a good thing to get across especially for a character such as herself. I'm not really digging the goggles, although if they are sticking with the comics, the goggles are used a lot so I can tolerate them easily. I'm just not glad they didn't go with the Halle Berry look, and I certainly wouldn't mind the Michelle P. look that Tim Burton was aiming for. Otherwise, I'm pretty satisfied.

My overall opinion of the game, I think it's coming out fairly well. The more gameplay videos I see, and the more renders I find, the better the games starts to look and feel. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us during E3 and Comic-Con... in fact, I was skeptical at first, but now I think I may actually buy this game.   read

7:55 PM on 07.03.2008

MK Podcast + Information

For those who are still curious as to what exactly MK vs DC is going to be you can listen to their periodical MKPodcast, and they will talk about the game, up to date information, answer some fan-based questions.

The first (and probably all) episode can be found at down at the bottom.

Another thing, this Friday's episode of "Gametrailers TV" will feature more hands-on exclusive information about MK vs DC, as well as information on some new unannounced characters (rumored to be Catwoman, Shang Tsung, Sonya, Flash, etc...), plus a few new renders and exclusive in-game footage. Catch it this Friday at 10PM (Pacific)-- 1AM (Central).

Also, the latest issue of PSM3 will have further pictures and information about the upcoming MK vs DC. Feel free to grab a copy at your nearest store.


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