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Long time gamer. Started in the 80's when I was a wee lad back on a Commodore 64 (it's a very old computer for you young folk).

I primarily game on my PS3. PSN tag is Kalakaua. I have a 360 and Wii, don't play them. Wii is basically used for virtual console and my 360 has been collecting dust since Halo 3. For some reason it just doesn't do it for me.

Just saw this tip on slickdeals and wanted to pass it on. If anyone was looking for a PS3 for a bit less than $399, Dell has a coupon with 15% off plus another you can combine for an additional 5% discount.

http://www.dealcatcher.com/forums/m_600690/tm.htm There's the link for details and coupon codes. Apparently if you have a Dell Preferred Account you save an additional $10.

Enjoy if you're looking for a PS3.

If you're like me and want Blu-Ray movies without having to pay $30-40 per movie, check this site out.

Note, I never shopped here but saw it on deal catcher and wanted to pass it along.


Use one of the following coupon codes at check out for 25% off: SAVE, DDAF or DEEP.

Apparently it will only apply to DVD and Blu-Ray movies. If you're the type that is still clinging to the HD-DVD and wanting movies on the cheap, see my previous blog post. HD-DVD movies for $2/$4 + shipping using the link from my previous post.


I know some people are still holding on to their HD-DVD players/add-on's.

Wanting to get movies on the cheap? Check out this deal.


I never shopped at this site, but I saw it on slickdeals and wanted to pass it on.

Transformers HD-DVD, $2!


Aside from the VC games I bought, the Wii has been the silent game machine in my collection.

Then I opened up a issue of Game Informer and saw this game in the preview section.

Order Up!

It looks like it could be what Cooking Mama should have been. I never purchased Cooking Mama but it did tempt me to try it out.

So far from what I've read and seen it looks like it could be a really fun game. Basically you're a new chef on the island of Port Abello. You start off at a burger joint and eventually move up to Mexican and Italian restaurants.

You have the option of hiring assistant chefs and delegating work to them. Also it looks like you eventually get to be on a tv show, iron chef style (not to sure though).

Comes out in July, unfortunately after NCAA football so finding time for it between the two football games will be tough for me but I can't wait to try this out. This is an example of a game style that I can't get on the PS3 or 360 and I may actually enjoy it.

Anyone else looking forward to it? Or am I in the minority in this?

Some additional info and gameplay videos that I've watched are linked below.

http://www.gamespot.com/video/945788/6191693/order-up-on-the-spot-05-22-08-demo-1 - it's gamespot, I KNOW, don't shoot me. It's the best gameplay video I could find in such short time. Try and ignore the people talking, it helps.

http://wii.ign.com/objects/142/14246956.html - IGN link, some preview info and they have a few videos.

I think this is sweet! Just read a article from PC World about CES. Apparently the PS3 can or will be able to copy blu-ray titles to memory stick for viewing on a PSP.


I don't know if this is a feature others would use but since I'm going to fly to Taiwan in March, I was trying to figure out what the hell am I going to do on that long flight. Here's my answer!

God I hope this functionality is in by the time for my trip. Bonus is, I get to use my PSP! I haven't booted that thing up in a while (not a portable gaming fan, I buy the damned systems though like a retard).

Below is cut and paste of the article, here's the link to where I'm pasting from.

LAS VEGAS -- The concept of copying a lower-resolution version of a film from a packaged media disc to a portable device is not new--in fact, late last year, Fox and Warner released the first standard definition titles to offer this capability (on Live Free, Die Hard and Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix, respectively).

Sony today demonstrated the next level of disc copying. At the company's booth at CES, Sony demonstrated how you could put a Blu-ray Disc movie into a Playstation 3 and copy the film to a Playstation Portable or a Memory Stick. "This way, you can have a portable copy you can take with you," explains David Bishop, president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

"There was always the promise of greater interactivity. You'll see that coming in the new year," Bishop added. In addition to the PSP copying example, Sony also demonstrated how you could download ring tones and new content to a BD Live player, using Men in Black as the example.

BD Live is proving to be a big catchphrase at the show: Panasonic announced its BD Live player yesterday, Fox showcased an early version of its Alien vs. Predator multiplayer game at the Blu-ray Disc Association's booth, and Sony showed its interactive Men in Black trivia game. The game was being played by two people in two locations on a Playstation 3.

So here I am trying to pass the time as I have the week off due to the SoCal fires. I head on over to ebgames.com to see what came out recently and what's coming in November.

Saw Eye of Judgment was released, for some reason I clicked on the link and was shocked. Back Ordered? For a card based video game? You've got to be shitting me. For shits and giggles I head over to Bestbuy.com... On Back Order. For a second my world didn't make sense. How in the hell did a game like that sell out?

Thankfully all was right in the world when I went to amazon.com and saw they had it "in-stock". I don't want to buy the game as card games are not my thing. However it bring me to my question. Did anyone buy this game? Any thoughts or impressions/reviews?