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10:11 PM on 12.30.2007

75yr Old, Fastest Internet Ever!

Yes, Indeed she is Swedish, She'd have to be. Right?

Earlier on this year, a 75 year old dinosaur, by the name of Sigbritt Lothberg decides her porn downloads are not going as fast as they used to be, Talk Talk just aren't cutting it for this ole lass, so she decides to step it up a notch!

With a speed of up to 40 Gigabits-per-seconds, her fiber optic connection isn't letting her down one bit, and is officially the fastest residential uplink in the entire world!

So you're thinking right "Hmmm, I wonder how long it would take this fossil to download and entire movie and to her home computer, from start to finish averaging on about 4GB"
She can download an entire movie in under 2 seconds flat, and that this is no frikkin' joke,
her son Peter help set up her connection, using an aparant new modular technique that allows the sending of data between 2 routers up to 1240 Miles apart with no, get this, no transponders at all in between.

her son claims "We wanted to show that that there are no limitations to Internet speed"

Peter Lothberg, self proclaimed networking expert, said he wanted to demonstrate the new technology while providing a network connection for his mother.

"It's a brand new Internet connection, and she didn't even have a computer before this!"

But after this he seems a little dissapointed since she's not using it to it's potential, since she only uses her new computer to read web-based newspapers.

But we all know this is a lie, Miss Stone Age 23,000 BC is grinding up against her computer desk releaving herself to some revealing Britney Spears upskirt shots.

You get 'em girl!   read

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