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Member since: 2010-10-29 11:47:50
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    I started playing Final Fantasy VI Advance and Chrono Trigger again. Thank God for the DS and the nostalgia cash-ins that it promotes

    Those of you shouting 'rehash bullshit' can go eat a dick and gloat over Halo.

    And yes, I play Call of Duty, but I don't bitch, I just play, herego taking me out of the hypocrite circle.

    Eat it.

    But anywho, Thanksgiving and all is the perfect time to be thankful for the old games that got you where you were, and HOLY FUCK we need to make Black Friday a stay-home-and-game holiday.

    Until next time, grab a Sam Adam's Winter Lager, and play on, my friends.

    Play on

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