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Kaggen's blog

4:13 PM on 05.06.2012

Thoughts: Dustforce

ďOr I knew I would love it after I saw the the first trailerĒ Steam , PC Some of you might have caught me ranting about its amazing soundtrack on twitter, seriously go and have a listen, you wonít be disappointed. Hitboxt...   read

5:08 PM on 02.13.2012

A dream-traveling, money & real-estate grubbing man's gameboy-memoirs

Hello peeps, whatís up? (Is that how you behave? I wouldnít know) In the good news Iíve finally found my mortal enemy, this guy. If you are a regular BF3 player mortar enemy could also work as a fitting replacement word seei...   read

3:58 PM on 01.20.2012

Dark Souls - Fighting the "good" fight

Weekend after weekend watching and listening to my friend and my brothers agonized screaming, hair pulling and teeth grinding itís finally my turn to prove my worth. And with that though i grab my semi-broken PS3 controller (...   read

4:11 PM on 01.15.2012

Thoughts: Persona 3,Forbidden Siren 2

Oh god, Iím so excited to write, my recent gaming experiences have been wonderful and Iíve reminisced about some great ones in the past too. Letís see here... Persona 3 ---- I freaking love this game, or most of it at lea...   read

4:13 PM on 01.10.2012

What's your chiptune preference? Here's mine!

Chiptunes , youíve got to love em right? The blooping and bleeping, to me itís just so infectious and appealing to me. Maybe itís because Iíve played games and listened to their chiming since I was a toddler or because of som...   read

4:48 PM on 01.05.2012

Review(ish) roundup : Wario land 4 , Saira

An open love letter to Wario Land 4 (and the original Warioland for the GB). GBA Bseriously! Much like another great 2D good looking amazing sounding SNES game ( Yoshiís Island) my first interactions with Wario Land 4 woul...   read

5:46 PM on 01.02.2012

Things Iím thankful for , past year edition!

So yet another year has flown by and itís time to look back and reminisce about all the fab things that has been. Focusing your thoughts can be hard enough without Beasty boys blasting at full volume behind you so letís get i...   read

2:40 PM on 12.26.2011

Modifications : Mod-craft

Bogus! How could I not think of writing about the single thing that I find most enthusing about Blizzardís RTS giants Warcraft and Starcraft and many other games too. Both me and my friends can agree on how fascinating and ...   read

3:42 PM on 12.17.2011

Convention Madness - Gamex 2011

Looks like as Anthony Burch isn't the only one craving Snake (sorry Henrik but it was inevitable) Sweden's sole gaming convention ďGamexĒ came and went and ever since then Iíve been catching myself reminiscing about it qui...   read

3:09 PM on 11.27.2011

Seeing things from a different perspective : SoTC

Spoiler alert! Last year I finally got a hold of Ico, a game that to me had received a holy grail status thanks to itís generally positive reception and limited amount of copies. I played it and I pretty much loved it, sur...   read

3:01 PM on 11.19.2011

Keyboard drumset fu**ing werewolf!

So my following of psychedelic indie developer Cactusquid has been sloppy lately, I missed his adultswim debut which was a racing game gracefully named "hot throttle" featuring ďinsaneĒ people only wearing skin colored und...   read

6:27 PM on 11.16.2011

MMO Stories:WoW the adventure of a lifetime

(In an attempt to create a ďbest of Ē collection where I gather some of my more interesting MMO experiences in one blog I created this. While not all of them are completely self sustained, I think you will find yourself unde...   read

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