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Kadaj's blog

4:35 PM on 02.10.2010

Shit, another n00b!

New to Destructoid, a noob tuber I am not. Well, okay, I kind of like the high-powered weap— that's not the point!

Uuhhhhh, you didn't see that. >____>

Anyway, I'm not doing that bio crap, so here's a short one. I regularly check out a gamer artist, Ashley Davis on Destructoid. Then I thought, shit, I'll just blog my ass off too, since I'm also a gamer artist. (Pssst, I invite you to check out my blog's banner — yup, I drew that psychopathic Cheshire Cat.) So here I am.

I call myself Kadaj, in all shapes and forms, and try my damndest (not a word) to look like the little prick, too. Obsessed? .... Maybe. I'm a huge gamer. I got a Sega when I was 6 and NEVER LOOKED BACK. I therefore am a little bit of a Sonic nerd, I admit. To me, that mutated hedgehog-on-speed never gets old. However, by now, I've ended up liking all sorts of shit. Recently, I've really gotten into my new iPod touch, so I'm all into the little games that come with with. Observe the following.

Supporter of Conan, I am.

Indeed, licking my Tumbler app, no doubt!

A lot of the stuff I have is free because LOL I'm broke!

Sonic? Nooo, of course not. >_>

Anyway, here's a big, fat list that's trying to show my interest in games and, possibly, failing. I wish all BBCode worked here, or I'd use the clean code for lists. Dammit...

Old shit I like
· Rayman - No, just the old one on PSX
· Ecco the Dolphin
· The FFs though 1-6 - well, fuck, I like all FFs
· Zelda - I actually suck at the ones on N64. I can do the ones on DS, though, kind of
· Metroid - actually, all the Metroids, including the Primes

Not that old but older than recently
· The FFs. Yeah, I felt like reiterating. I really like Tactics and its successors
· Resident Evil, but mostly from 3 on because the older ones SUCKED basically
· Stuff when Square-Enix was Squaresoft, like KH and Threads of Fate and shit
· The N64 and NGC Mario games. FUCK YEAH MARIO??!1!!?/
· SSB, but I haven't gotten to do anything with Brawl since I'm Wii-less

Newish stuff
· Pretty much anything enticing on NDS - I got a new thing with handhelds. It's because I can fondle them, I'm sure
· MGS. Seriously, I didn't start liking them till Subsistence. Right, I know, bad Kadaj.

I'm sure I'm leaving a bunch of crap out. But whatever.

So, basically, I'm like this 24-year-old loser who used to live in the kickass area of greater LA and now lives in COW TOWN, which is my lame term for Middle of Nowhere, Kansas. Why such a change? That's for me to know and you to never know. But because of the suckass economy and the lack of big towns with job opportunities, I'm pretty much jobless as of 6 months ago. So I play games all day and think about work. JUST LIKE YOU ALL. ♥

That's all for now. I'm sure I've just annoyed the lot of you. But man, if you made it down here, kudos to your curiosity, my friend.   read

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