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10:50 AM on 09.03.2009

Have RPG games lost their grasp?

Playstation 2 the definitive master of RPG gaming of its time, the Gameboy Advance and its predecessor the Gameboy Colour ultimate RPG handhelds that time just cant erase. So many wasted hours upon hours spent squat down cross legged in your bedroom staring so close at a digital/TV screen your eyes become that of Sony’s new upcoming EyePet, But was it really all worth it?

In my opinion yes, I would drop any boring day for a good smash up on Skies Of Arcadia or a nice afternoon round of Final Fantasy X, but what happened to that? That feeling of bonds or relations to the characters. Purposely spending hour after hour re watching cinematic’s you’ve seen countless times or grinding your mon’s to do the next gym on Pokémon for the 232213th time.
Have RPG games lost their grasp?

I remember all these times all too well and now I think what the hell happened?

When I was a child, we would all congregate outside each others houses trading are Pokémon or comparing RPG times anything and everything that revolved around those gaming universes (Until we would get complained at for not being out playing football or something). Even at school play times the first thing you’dreach into your bag for before your lunch would be the trusted ol Gameboy just so for a few moments of the day you could be taken away to another place.

Games today just tend to seem more effects, gun blazing action, which don’t get me wrong is great but it doesn’t hold the same quality as the old games we used to play. They just don’t seem to have that form of emotion grasp. Great titles like Final Fantasy VII and Tales Of Symphonia really form a relationship with the player where as games today seem to be more about the action, visuals and bonus content of which becomes dull after a week.

There are still good games today that attempt to have those emotional ties such as Eternal Sonata which come close but still no cake…

Are gamers more easily pleased by fancy visuals rather than emotional ties?

Maybe yes we are and the time for thrilling heart beating stories with characters that bring tears to the eye, that lift you’re arse off the sofa are long out the window or perhaps no, as we age we begin to accept reality as what it is and having less respect for the gaming world or are they even still there and I myself have just lost that grasp?

So for now I guess we will have to do with Enchanted Arms, Disgaea and Eternal Sonata and other titles but I for one await the day those emotional ties are reborn into RPG’s.   read

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