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2:34 PM on 07.16.2008

KaRiL says:

You should welcome me!

What up DToid,
I have finally decided to post a blog, so that little robot will stop telling me I fail at life. (btw, little robot... I'M EPIC, BITCH!!)...sorry

So the news of Final Fantasy XIII going multiplat and landing on the 360 hit like a ton of bricks yesterday and I 'shopped up this little ditty for the kids at xbox-scene

Realistically, this is better for Squeenix, and better for gamers, win-win right?
So why am I mad? Am I a fanboy? I own all three consoles, I can't be a fanboy right?
I consider myself a gamer first and foremost. I have no loyalty to companies or corporations. When I was a kid I chose Genesis over Super Nintendo because moms would only buy me one and the Genesis had Sonic. I still would have liked a Super Nintendo, but I didn't sling hate on people who owned one.
So why now? I guess after defending my purchase of a PS3 to haters, and fanboys who mocked games like MGS4 and Final Fantasy, I just don't wan't them to have it. Is that wrong? Oh well, I've given myself to hate, and now the dark side flows through me...but hey If this means people who would've liked to play final fantasy but don't want to have to buy another console can now enjoy all the hot JRPG action then I guess that's ok...just not the haters.
Now I have to choose which system to buy it for...achievements or trophys? ..think I just got my next blog post.
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