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8:55 AM on 10.20.2009

The Void by Ice Pick Lodge and why you need to play it

Anyone play Pathologic?

If you never played it you could sum it up as one of the single best adventure/horror titles made in the last 10 years a game that oozes atmosphere despite a shoddy English translation and subpar graphics. Designed by the obscure Russian game company Ice Pick Lodge you'd be excused for not hearing about it but oh do I have good news for you - They're second game The Void is due out finally in English in just a few short days.

Reason 1 - You're a naked rainbow man

You play this dude - colour is his weapon and his life blood. Colour is a currency and a necessity it is also horribly limited. You exist in the Void a kind of demonic purgatory and the only way out is apparently to aid a group of creatures known as the Sisters in murdering the creatures known as the Brothers.

Reason 2 - You like genuine art

It's gorgeous in a bizarre European/Russian aesthetic that you won't have seen around.

Reason 3 - Everyone's naked

Reason 4 - So original that using the word original a bunch of times IS NOT ENOUGH

It's pretty much unanimous that this game is so staggeringly original and amazingly creative that you should play it regardless of personal preferences in games.

Reason 5 - Linear is my favourite kind of non-linear

The game has some random elements and multiple solutions to certain goals. Rest assured that you don't necessarily have to play by the rules the characters of the game world expect you to. Nor in a particular order but you are fighting for the end.

Reason 6 - Don't be a Jerk

No kidding this is a big holiday season and this game is coming out for purchase at the SINGLE WORST POSSIBLE TIME (October 23rd) and if it doesn't move any copies well...frankly we don't deserve games that push against convention. There's even digital download YOU DON'T EVEN NEED TO WAIT FOR SHIPPING.

Seriously give the reviews a glance then immediately get ready to


*Caution this game contains depictions of breasts and is definitely not suited for minors or work.   read

1:41 AM on 02.11.2009

Wait a minute...Perimeter 2 is out WHAT

Seriously...Why was I not did I not notice this...WHY DIDN'T ANYONE SAY ANYTHING.

Okay so either I've been living under a rock or the clever sods over at kdvgames have released a sequel to one of the more interesting and unique FPS titles ever...and they haven't told anyone. Because today I logged on to Steam as I do sometimes and noticed Perimeter 2 just sitting there NO METACRITIC...NO GAMEFAQS REVIEWS NO NOTHING.

The official forums are basically empty...this is almost like a phantom game that I'm nearly convinced if I ignore it it'll just vanish into oblivion. Now I realise Maelstrom was a bit odd at times and maybe Perimeter hasn't aged well (I haven't checked) but I'm fairly sure I'll pick this one up because I'll sum it up like this.

Imagine the planet terraforming in make it an RTS...that's getting closer to what Perimeter is and it's a brilliant use of advance technology to shake up a genre that something like Fracture could never dream of.

So here's a sexy video complete with some nice laid back chip tune like sounds.

Keep in mind when viewing that the terrain is altered in real time with a tasty little voxel engine that you just know Ken Silverman would be pleased to hear about. So don't expect super ultra flashy graphics. Though I am interested to find if it stacks up to the original. If any one knows let me know!   read

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