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KParsons305's blog

10:53 PM on 06.12.2011

A Great Yugioh Burn Deck to Use in Decade Duels

Many amateur duelists have a bit of trouble getting their first deck started. A solid, and deadly card master makes it look effortless and you wish you can have a deck just as devastating as them. Well wish no more because now you can! With some simple tips and tricks and a deck structure provided to help you, you can rule in Yugioh 5D's: Decade Duels and also at Yugioh tournaments being held in your local area.

The First Tip is not to have a bunch of random cards in your deck. By just throwing cards in your deck because "you used them before so you're familiar with it" or "they look strong," isn't going to give you an advantage over another duelist's deck. Instead, create a deck that's specific. One deck I started off with was a Machine-based deck with spells and traps that boosted my machine type monsters. By having a one based deck, it makes your deck easier to handle and more effective because the cards can help another card gain a boost.

The Second Tip is very useful. It's been used since Yugioh came out but now, it's crucial to use in your deck now with all the mass variety of cards that has multiple card effects, Chain Linking. With the chain link strategy implemented in your deck, your deck is more lethal. You connect cards in an stream of links allowing you to cause some serious damage to your opponent's life points. Some cards are specialized to be used during chain linking. With the deck I am providing you will see how a Chain Deck will be used and why a Chain/Burn Deck will be the most useful in any duel.

Here's a deck that can make it all possible. The "x1,2,3" tells you how much are in the deck and the name of the card is on the right of it.

[b]Chain/Burn Deck
15 Monsters[/b]

2x blast sphere

3x Des Koala

2x Kelbek

1x Sonic Bird

1x Spirit Reaper

2x Shield Wing

1x Gene-Warped Warwolf

1x Kuraz the Light Monarch

1x Submarineroid

1x Raging Flame Sprite

10 Magic Cards

2x Chain Strike

1x Brain Control

1x Gold Sarcophagus

1x Heavy Storm

2x Poison of the Old Man

2x Tremendous Fire

1x Scapegoat

10 Trap Cards

3x Dimensional Wall

2x Jar of Greed

2x Just Desserts

1x Magic Cylinder

2x Secret Barrel

The reason why it is exactly 40 cards in the deck because this is a Chain/Burn Deck. This deck is meant to end the match in less than 10 turns! This is the deck I choose most of the time and I have ended a match in just 3 turns about 5 times so far.

The monsters in this deck are designed to take nice chunks out of the opponent's life points. Blast Sphere, Des Koala, and Submarineroid allow you to take quick hits at your opponent's life points right at the start. Blast Sphere and Des Koala are Flip Effect monsters, so make sure you put them face down. Kelbek, Spirit Reaper, and Shield Wing are here to help stall your opponent from reaching your life points. These monsters cannot be destroyed by battle like others can. They can last as long as 2 turns up to until a trap card or card effect removes them from the field keeping your life points safe.

The magic cards in this deck are used to primarily for chain linking and taking your opponent's life points out quickly. Chain Strike, Poison of the Old Man, and Tremendous Fire are to do just that. Brain Control, Heavy Storm, and Scapegoat, stalls your opponent even more from reaching your life points quickly. Here's the chain linking trick. Chain Strike can only be used when a chain linking of 2 or higher is activated.

The trap cards plays the vital role in this deck. In order to cause maximum damage in a turn and cause your opponent to wet their pants, chain linking your traps with your chain strike magic cards. Dimensional Wall, Magic Cylinder, Secret Barrel, Jar of Greed, and Just Desserts, are all cards that can deal damage by themselves. Chain linking Chain Strike with a Dimensional Wall, Jar of Greed and then using Chain Strike will be a good hit on your opponent.

With this deck and getting to know it a bit more by utilizing it, this can potentially be the tool of destruction on and off the Xbox 360 Arcade game, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: Decade Duels.   read

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