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5:02 PM on 11.18.2007

An Elder Scrolls MMO you say?...

Hopefully im not the only one who could feel some pant tightening action when Bethesda's employee leaked the potential info on a possible Elder Scrolls MMORPG. For a series known for it's depth and freedom, a fan can only salivate over the possibility of an online game to further expand their horizons.

Of course some potential issues are threatening to arise, talk has surfaced of whether or not an attempt at an mmo could kill their franchise or at least sacrifice some of the aspects of the games which make them so good, and as the game has only been leaked as opposed to officially declared an active project it remains to be seen just how exactly they are going to handle the game.

Personally i can't wait to see how they tackle this one, they never cease to amaze when it comes to the complexity and detail they put into all aspects of their games so heres to the hope of a spiffy new addition to the mmo market. chyea!   read

2:45 PM on 09.17.2007

HALO 2, Worth the Hype???!??

[b]With halo 3 coming out in 8 days its becoming pretty obvious that microsoft wants us to forcibly have halo 3 propaganda around us at all times, but have the "brains" over at microsoft and bungie been preparing as much as their over caffienated fanmonkeys?
Halo is one of the biggest franchises in gaming history, and because of that bungie has their work cut out for them. They of course have more people, resourses, and money to produce halo 3 than they did for the first two, maybe even combined, but can they pull of a game that everyone wants so badly and has such high expectations for? Obviously halo isnt for everyone and alot for people dont like it for whatever reason so obviously there is no reason for those people to read this since its alot of bullshit to them anyways, but for halo fans i shall continue to make my point.
Personally, the main question which has been lingering in my mind is this- with so many people reserving it, and so many more who are just going to go and buy it, will xbox live be able to hanle all the stress of literally millions of people online at the same time?
Let me paint you a picture with my imagination brush, you go out after waiting so many months for your beloved halo3 with varying assortments of goodies, you leave your house a couple hours early, stand inline with all the other gamers outside your local store for hours with nothing but a receipt and what feels like your purpose for living guiding you to stay the path / see it through. And finally, the light at the end of tunnel- they open the doors and the real madness begins. You fight your way through. Literally hearling peers weighing more than twice your own weight out of the way just so you can get your beloved parcel that much faster, you finalize the purchase with the rest of the cost, all the while hearing the screams of sun and exercise deprived children fill the tense air behind you, you finally manage to avoid the angry mod on your way out of the store. You manage to navagate your way home on a pre-strategized route chosen for efficiency. The flinging of plasic can be heard throughout the house, and then you see a blur of the tray closing the game loading and a connecting to live message only to find out that right as your first game is about to start, and your life is about to be complete... Then, "IT" happens! the network freezes and there is absolutely nothing you can do but sit and wait for microsoft to fix the problem (either that or play the campaign mode...or fap).
Of course there is always the chance microsoft has taken the precautions they said they would and idiot proofed the launch date of the title, but mark my words, live's servers havent put up with the stress of that many people online at once before. Who knows if the nation will be crying in a pile of their own ecstacy laced orgasmic tears from playing the best game to date, or if there will be more suicides than on christmas. Happy holidays indeed.
This all is of course assuming that the game will live up to the ridiculously high standards which have been set for it, which is of course up in the air at this point anyway. Happy agaming and hopefully ill see some of you crazy kids on the 25th.
[/b]   read

5:00 PM on 09.04.2007

When will companies take the wii seriously!?!?

Today i logged onto my beloved Destructoid to see a review of metroid prime 3: corruption, one of the most looked forward to games to grace the wii. Personally i have a wii and don't get me wrong, i love it, it is a fun system (and a comparably priced one at that), but there just haven't been any big titles for the system. It seems like all the games for it have been almost noveltyesque in the effort to draw consumers to the systems biggest feature- the remote. Not that there's anything wrong with playing to the system's strong points, but when the focus seems to be on finding ideas to take advanage of the interactivity of the wii remote and not on finding just good solid games there is definatly something wrong with that in my book. Some of the titles have of course been entertaining and fun but it's about time the system got some real meaty games which can hold their own in a world where the in-depth game market is ruled by giants like the ps3 and the 360. metroid pime 3 is supposed to be the title to change that, which is a welcome change in my book. Personally im hoping hoping this will usher in a change and a new wave of game which will not only fully employ the wii remote well but captivate us with some real immersive gameplay. Hopefully the wii wont always be just a kids toy designed with children in mind as sort of weening system, i look forward to the day when it is regarded as a top level system not only because of its control scheme but because of what developers have done with its capabilies. Here's to the future!   read

9:27 PM on 08.26.2007

a little aboot me. (pt.1)

im a fan of the classics, as far as gaming goes im a fan of the shooters, and shit that makes u think and stands for something. Nothing to relieve stress like a good fps. Ive also been known to play some rpg's. i have alot of respect for games that have done alot for the industry like final fantasy and games like that which have worked to spread the word of gaming to new auiences, i myself and not a huge fan of the series but i do respect them.
But enough of the mindless dribble, ill say a bit about the games im a fan of and all that jazz:
im a fan o the halo series and although ive heard it wont i hope halo 3 still has the same basic necessity goodness in a shooter without trying to reinvent itself toomuch. im also a fan of the elder scrolls series, the sheer free roam and capabilities make them some of the best games in my mind. i love bethesda, the company which makes the elder scrolls games like morrowind and oblivion, because they constantly reinvent the games. after everyone they start from scratch, while keeping in mind what the fans like an what they didnt. also they leave some room for fans to modify it which is big in my book since someday i want to work in the industry in some way. like i said before im a fan of classics, everything from the original mario games to the "next gen." consoles. ive been playing games since i was old enough to hold a controller. dont get me wrong im not saying im amazing or anythin, but i like to think i can tackle some expert games with ease. Im pretty new to the blogging bit so ill keep working at my shitty posts to hone them down to some sort of understandable ishness. Ill post more about my self a lil later. Till then rest those thumbs bitches!   read

6:22 PM on 08.26.2007

ZOMGG!!! A brand new blog, let alone a first blog on the site... score!!!

ive been a fan of the site for a while but i never took the time to get involvved or get a blog, but then one day the clouds cleared the sun came out and said "get a blog jackass" , and when the sun tell u to do some thin u damn well do it.
....good talk.....see u out there   read

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