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KMCC avatar 6:02 PM on 08.26.2008  (server time)
Warranties & the RRoD on the Eve of Castle Crashers

Really Microsoft? And I was really starting to warm up to you. With your excellent online
service, interface, and especially your recent XBLA offerings, my other consoles have
not been getting much attention. With Castle Crashers FINALLY available tomorrow, it seemed
the trend would continue. It seemed.
I don't mean to recount yet another RRoD story, because that's pretty stale by now, but I
would like to express my anger towards Microsoft's ridiculous policies, as well as warn others
who may not know what they could be in for. It seems you NEED a RRoD in order to not pay
Microsoft $100 to have your broken console fixed. You need a RRoD, 3 red lights,
specifically in order to not pay them to fix it. Essentially, their product needs to
in the proper way they designate for them to not charge you.
So, even though their shoddy, rushed, cobbled together "most exciting product on the planet"
broke due to substandard Microsoft produced components, I was out of luck because it didn't
break correctly. I asked if I was then expected to sit in front if it, turn the thing on and off
over and over and over again, and hope to get LUCKY ENOUGH to hit the RRoD jackpot. I was
told "that was my choice". The supervisor claimed there was no one higher than himself, in all
of Microsoft, that I could speak too. Fuck that guy.
As much as it pains me to say so, yes, like an idiot, I did have to do that. And eventually, I
did get the blessed 3 red lights. NOW they will fix it their POS product. My NES from 1986 is
more reliable! But I point here is that Castle Crashers is coming out tomorrow,
and that is Fucked Up. My other point is, if any of you start experiencing freeze ups on a
regular basis, or however you sense the end is near, you be better off leaving the fucking
thing on for a few days and expediting the process.

On the eve of Castle Crashers. God. Damnit.

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