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11:02 PM on 09.30.2011

About Eight years ago my friend and I went to our local game store to check out what they had in there used game section. Having become bored with our current obsession Smash Bros, ( we played that game for several hours everyday for an entire summer) we decided to try a new game on a different system. We were browsing the PS2 section, when we came across a used game with no box art (it had been taken out and replaced with a generic cover by game stop) that was titled Frequency. We had no idea what the game was about ,but we were just excited to have a new game to try, and if nothing else we could just go back to Smash Bros if it was a bust. After arriving home and turning on the system, we put the disk in and were instantly hooked, WE COULDN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS GAME ! we play that game over and over until we could beat every song without a single mistake, we played until we memorized the first line of buttons in the sequence, we played until we new the name of every band and every song on the whole game... and then we played some more. Over and over we played, and when the fog had lifted we needed something else, we needed more frequency! So we set off on a would wide web mission to find out who had made this game and if there were anymore out there like it. When we turned the game on i remembered that Harmonix had been one of the names listed on the title screen so i typed that in to my search engine and found that they had made another rhythm game called amplitude, and the story continued form there in the same energy drink, Doritos, late night gas station trip drug we had experienced before. When we finally finished the great battle of the rhythm gods, we knew we had weathered and beaten every thing they could throw at us.... or so we thought.