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12:20 PM on 05.30.2008

1st, a weak defense of my avatar name!

If I were a robot, I would be called KARMACON. Imagine a sleek, humanoid robot that finds awesome people and fawns over them. Recently I was introduced to RetroForceGo! podcasts and now I sit with my boyfriend listening and think "Gawwwwwd! I love these people!" We talk about imaginary situations where Chad or Collette or Topher etc. would pop up in Las Vegas where we live, and we take them on an adventure that is tailored to each of their individual likings. EXAMPLE! I'll use Chad b/c I a) really fan-out on him and b) he's so easy to please! Anyways, here we go: Chad would come and stay at our house where we have pre-painted (yes we paint too) a giant sign that says "Best Week Ever!" Then we would take him to our favorite cupcake shop, which is actually named the Retro Bakery, for a dolphin-themed cupcake that we would have special ordered for his arrival. I would go on but I fear I'll be seen as a crazy fan-girl stalker; well I probably have already come across that way anyways. Se la vie!

P.S. The picture attached that apparently came out in 16-bit is me staring at a wall of beer. . . another obsession.   read

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