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Justin Villasenor avatar 11:39 AM on 01.05.2008  (server time)
FNF recap: Variety is the spice of life

Another Friday another fun filled evening playing games with people from the Destructoid community. All in all this week ended up being the most diverse, and frustrating *shakes fist at Live*, Friday Night Fight Iíve had yet. The evening began with CronosBlade and I trying to get a match of Bomberman Live started.

While we got Electrobes and tazar to join fairly quickly it took a while to find anyone else that wanted to play. Most of the people we sent invites to proceeded to ignore us, continually send us invites to play Halo 3 or had to play Puzzle Quest with their wives. Eventually bhive01, Savant, PraiseChaos and one of PCís friends joined up and we had several fun-filled matches, even though we couldnít tell who was talking most of the time. My favorite moment had to be when I kept Electrobes trapped in a corner for a good minute by repeatedly punching bombs over the side of the map. Good stuff. Eventually though he broke down from the constant messaging and went to join the Halo 3 group. The rest of us played another round or two before deciding to splinter.

Tazar and Cronos decided to try a game of Aegis Wing, which was cool with me since Iíd only ever played it once. I was very amused that when I accepted Cronosís invite it gave me a ďThis will end your current game session. Are you sure you want to quit?Ē message even though I was on the dashboard. Apparently Microsoft really does think the Fall Update is a game. Unfortunately tazar had to leave after the first level but Cronos and I continued the fight, doing pretty well until we got to the last boss which used some cheap move to take us both out right before we killed it. After our defeat Cronos decided to quit early for the night so I finally headed over to join up with the guys in Halo (who had continued to repeatedly send me invites).

After nabbing the last spot in a 15/16 room we played several free for all slayer matches that had us spawn with random weapons. It really sucked in the first one because I kept spawning in the middle of Valhalla with only a shotgun. Needless to say I got sniped a lot. A few games in Jim joined and subsequently told us the story of how he got his gametag (Jimmless). We then tried a few team matches, one of which I got stuck on a team by myself (gold team of course) due to mass pre-game team switching shenanigans. At least I didnít embarrass myself too much. Unfortunately a little after this point Live developed a massive case of fail and decided to boot everyone from the room.

For several minutes afterward I couldnít join anyone or even check peoplesí party statuses. Eventually Electrobes was able to get the room restarted and people began to rejoin although we ended up losing several people. It didnít take long for Live to boot me again although this time I donít think it kicked everyone out. At this point Clockwork invited me to a sparsely populated new room: Jim, Macca, Clockwork, Madninja and TwistedImp (who came out of nowhere) were all that was left. Of course as soon as I joined this room Live kicked me again. *%&*&& ^^(#@$ *&^(. As I was trying to rejoin most of them had decided to head over to Call of Duty 4, except for Jim (who didnít want to get up and switch disks) and Wardrox, so I headed over there along with em.

As we were trying to form our CoD4 party a new problem struck, for some reason Madninja and Clockwork couldnít be in the same party at the same time. Eventually it ended up working but only when I hosted. Whatever, at last we were finally able to start. This was actually my first time playing CoD4 and I did pretty well at first. My spree didnít last long as more people got brought in between matches that were far better at Modern Warfaring than I was. We eventually decided to call it quits around 1:30, although Macca had mysteriously quit a little before then.

I guess if there was one moral I was able to gleam from last night it would have to be: OMG CTZ YOU PLAY ENOUGH HALO IT WONíT KILL YOU TO SPEND A FEW GAMES OF BOMBERMAN WITH US AND WOULD BE FAR MORE ENJOYABLE THAN JUST SPAMMING US WITH INVITES GODDAMMIT, or something like that.

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