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I have a bone to pick with composer Shoji Meguro, and it goes a lil' something like this.

                                             >deep, frustrated breath<

   This is the original battle theme from Revelations: Persona, for the PSOne. Do me a favor, and give a listen, will you?

     Isn't that just great? Notice how it's driving, aggressive, and how it just sounds all bad ass and stuff? It's really just tops, ain't it?

    Now, here's the "battle theme" that Shoji Meguro composed for the rerelease of Persona for the PSP... facepalm included...

     Does Shoji Meguro have no clue how to compose a balanced and fitting soundtrack for this series, because Persona 3 and 4 both had soundtracks that included themes at least as terrible as that friggin' travesty. What drives me CRAZY is that he is oviously capable of composing material that is fitting in tonality and color with SOME games. Catherine? Good job, Shoji. Shit, there was a couple of P3 and P4 tracks that were pretty damn good. Why oh why, then, does the man insist on putting utter garbage like this next track in a Persona game?!

"No, Shoji. It's not that 'I don't like it.' I'd just rather don a stethoscope and listen to a box of cats in heat being eaten by Africanized scorpions."

    Fucking stupid. I want to make a version of it where I just make retard noises to the general beat of this recording. Stupid. I feel spoken down to. I feel ten. I don't care how much of a japanophile you are, that song is just God awful. I know that the series features japanese, teen protagonists whose interpersonal relationships are prominently tied to the gameplay, okay? I get that. A lot of people give me flak when I complain about Shoji Meguro's soundtracks for P3 and P4, saying that the music works because you are playing as a japanese teenager. To them, that just makes it more of a cohesive "role" that we are "playing." Well, to them I say this: Yes, you are playing the role of a japanese teenager... a japanese teenager that BLOWS HIS/HER BRAINS OUT REPEATEDLY TO SUMMON DEMONS!

"Man, that sure was disturbing...I mean, that MUSIC!!! Was it in the key of 'fart minor,' or what?"

     The games are dark, okay? Or at least they were dark before this asshat painted them with all the hauntingly restrained beauty of "Who Let the Dogs Out." Look, I don't need "Moonlight Sonata" looping in the games to properly set the mood or anything. But, damn, can't we find some kind of aural middle ground between "I read Poe at midnight in the cemetary" and "I shit prawn flavored skittles?"
     I am soooo glad that Innocent Sin released with the option of listening to the original compositions and not this man's spaced out J-pop and rap cacophony of suck. Shoji, leave my Persona alone!

   Thoughts? Despite the harsh tone of this blog, I would really like to hear other  opinions on this and am open to discussion. Do you think that the music is fitting? Better than the original soundtracks??? IDIOT!!! Kidding. Please feel free to comment on how wrong/right/blasphemous/jaded/handsome I am in the comments section...

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