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Justice's blog

7:02 AM on 06.11.2009

Quick Thoughts: The Island Life In Paradise

As most Burnout Paradise will know, the new Big Surf Island package has been released today. Upon starting the game I was told a new update was released (1.9) weighing a large 1.3GB. After the download and entering Paradise City I noticed the gateway to the island was wide open. Deciding to take a drive towards the bridge I was promptly reminded that I haven't bought the Island content and was asked if I wanted to. I think this is a good idea on Criterions part, leaving the door wide open for all players but reminding those who haven't bought it, that they haven't will make them want to see what's across the bridge even more.

Anyway so I downloaded the package and decided to take the first of nine cars in the package for a spin. As I made my way across the bridge I noticed the detail in the bridge and island, which was no less, perhaps even better than Paradise Citys. As a speed through crashe through brand new smashes (75 in total) I came across some blue lights and a ramp. I reversed and put the pedal to the metal and flew off the ramp, hitting another positioned even higher in the air. Leaving that ramp I was told that I had completed a megajump, the size of the ramp and jump making it obvious why they added the prefix "mega".

From there I went online and joined a quick game to check out the freeburn challenges. I'm not sure how many there are, I'm guessing 50, but the challenges were as exhilarating as those in Paradise City. The first required the group of 8 to meet up inside a centre and then jump through the lighthouse. Seeing the lighthouse jump in CrashTV's preview was one thing, but doing it myself was another. Then we met at the CrashTV Ski Jump and were told to all "catch some air" at the same time. Obviously due to some takedowns and some people not having mics this took a few goes, but we got there in the end. Another challenge had is getting 3 near misses and getting a certain distance of drift in the car park, which essentially, is a spiralling tower with a few jumps at the top. This was a lot of fun but not as fun as the last challenge I took part in, which was to each meet on top of a specifc building on these things that can only be explained as planks attached to the building. Obviously there weren't 8 planks so 3 people trying to fit on one caused some big falls and crashes. From the "plank" the view was quite incredible, Paradise City was fully visible in the distance, though it wasn't fully detailed (maybe that's because of the weather), but doing these challenges made me remember why I love Burnout so much, having not played it in 2 months since my 360 was dead.

The island is varied too, with mountain type areas, a beach area, and a construction site (that Criterion are calling the "new quarry") that has heaps of jumps and areas. In fact one challenge required us to jump through two hoops at the same time, which was also a lot of fun.

Seeing that Criterion have been working on this over a year, the amount of detail, challenges, mega jumps, smashes and different areas make it easy to see why they changed their mind about making the island free. Though I don't think the island is quite worth 1000MS points, which is about £8, I still think it's almost value for money, and this is definitely one of the more worthwhile packs and I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to all Burnout fans.   read

4:53 AM on 06.06.2009

X-TREMELY Shortblog: Have you seen Google today?

I did say it was extremely short didn't I? Turns out even Google are celebrating 25 years of what is arguably the world's most famous puzzle video game. I hadn't touched Tetris in a while but when I found out it was on Facebook, allowing you to compete against friends in single-player and multi-player modes, I returned to the game. Do any of you still play a variation of the game?

Anyway, to decrease the amount of fail in this blog here's a video showing the new Big Surf Island coming to Burnout Paradise on June 11th:


Not only that, but order now and you will recieve one terrible music video that is bound to make you laugh!

[embed]135166:19893[/embed]   read

11:23 AM on 04.24.2009

Burnout Paradise: Cops & Robbers gameplay video


Not much to say here, turns out it's a car version of capture the flag and it's apparently going to cost 800 MS points. I don't think I'll be picking it up straight away, one, my 360 is dead and I'm not sending it in fo repairs until after my exams next month, and two, this mode should have already been in the game, as I've commented before on other blogs about this, the skins mean nothing to me, yes they're cool but I'd rather download the pack minus the skins for free. With that said though, it does look like a lot of fun.

Do you plan on picking this up?   read

4:31 PM on 04.08.2009

The menace that is Video Games strikes once again: Ecstacy pills found in GTA IV (shortblog)

I had to rub my eyes to check if I was actually seeing this title on my RSS feed. Yes that's right according to this article the pills were found under the front cover of the game. According to the Thornhills, who are the unfortunate victims in this case, when they phoned up Gamestation whom they had purchased their game from, Gamestation told them to flush the drugs down the toilet. The father was reported to have said,"What made me feel the most distraught was the fact we let our 12-year-old play the game. Inside the instruction booklet was a ball of Shrinkwrap, or Clingfilm. I thought it was just a ball of clingfilm, but then I realised there were tablets inside. I instantly felt sick."

Will video games ever leave our women and children alone?   read

1:00 PM on 04.08.2009

UK Dtoiders get hands-on with Bionic Commando at Capcom

Yesterday me, Pheonix Blood, Anus McPhanus and McSnow went back to Capcom Europe to try out the upcoming Bionic Commando game. Since McSnow didnít really like the game and Anus did it seems like he said that the game may divide people. Iím going to explain how I felt about it, and how the rest of the day turned out.

After being led to the same room as before, the three other Dtoiders and I sat at our screens, with 4 other people (including a guy who flew from Norway to try the game out!).

As soon as we walked in we notice a T-Shirt on each of our chairs. We were told they were for us! The shirt is pictured above! Then we were talking about Dtoid and Chiara, the Senior Online Marketing & Community Manager told us that she had something for us Dtoiders! We were all given a cool holographic Resi 5 poster, except for Anus, since he already won the game from them!

The playthrough:

From pushing start on the controller, we were placed into the tutorial, which teaches you the basics of the game as well as a few of the moves. To grapple objects (and people!) the L-trigger is used. At first I (as well as a few others) experienced difficulty timing our swings. I was releasing my grapple at the height of the swing, meaning that I was flying vertically into the air, rather than horizontally and vertically as I wanted to To successfully swing forward, we were taught when to release the grapple, which is at the 45 degree angle from the centre point (if you know what I mean). When you get the swinging down though, youíll be gliding through the air with ease likeÖ a hang gliderÖ that grapples and stuff.

The tutorial also taught us how to hook objects and pull ourselves towards them, as well as combat moves such as the ďzip-kickĒ (I think thatís the name) which is where you grapple someone and reel yourself in kicking your opponent in the process. This was easy to execute on the stationary ďenemyĒ, having to simply hover my reticule over the enemy, press the L-trigger to grapple them, and then push A (X on the PS3 controller) to reel myself in. I would soon find out that things would not be so simple in multiplayer.

Other than that, we also learnt about other moves, such as the ability to uppercut objects into the air, then jump and hit them into enemies (the object locks on apparently) and being able to grapple objects and throw them into enemies (the object also locks on in this case). I was sad to learn that these features are not available in multiplayer however.

Upon completion of the tutorial, all 8 players linked up via system link to play some multi-player. Here we got a chance to test out our skills that we picked up in the tutorial.

*Anus looking very relaxedÖ*

The first map was a grassy area with roads and a motorway, that all looked as though the land had hit by an earthquake. Armed with a simple pistol I made my way through the level, zip-kicking my foes while having fun swinging around and getting shot at. Then I found my first weapon, a machine gun. Simple but effective I pursued my enemies until I suddenly dropped dead.

I was confused, until I realised what had happened. I had been sniped. I decided it was time to take action and avenge myself (if thatís possible). I picked up the sniper rifle and began sniping. It seems that it doesnít matter where on a person you shoot, it just takes one shot to end someone.

Here I should probably note that thereís no form of radar, but names hover above opponents and weapons can be picked up simply by waling over them. They also seem to respawn quickly, with me guarding the sniper rifle spot, while waiting to it to respawn so that I could have more ammo. Also when falling from a height, if you hammer the Y button you land heavily, and you perform ďdeath from aboveĒ on those within a small radius of where you land.

The game continued, and I got a fair share of kills until I was taken out by a player with a rocket launcher. I was annoyed to have been killed, but damn it was cool seeing my ragdoll of a corpse fly across the level. The same thing happens when you zip-kick someone!

After a few deathmatch games we played two rounds of Team Deathmatch, of course it was Team Dtoid VS the rest of the players. They took the first round, after what was a very close match. There were points in the game where everybody was within a 50 metre radius, just scrapping it out trying to get rid of each other, it was pretty exciting if I do say so myself.

Team Dtoid took the next round, this was set on a level based on the first level from Re-Armed, with the typical yellow building, the red walk-ways and even the water!
(note: If you fall in the water youíre given like 3 seconds to grapple onto something or face certain doom) It was a nice tribute, and Team Dtoid mainly stuck together taking on our opponents as a fully functional team, like Charlies Angels, except even hotter!

We then played a game of Capture the Flag, set on a level called the Rumble in the Ravine I think. Basically it was like a canyon, with paths, water and a lot of rock. We didnít function too well here, but after the opposing team got a point we managed to come back and end the game with a draw. At one point it was McSnow holding the opponents flag (since the opponent had our flag and you canít score if your flag isnít back at your base) and I just taking on everyone who came to reclaim their flag. I felt pretty badass to be honest.

Following this people seemed to show interest in the single player, so I and others went into that mode. I wonít talk about the story, but I will say that thereís some collectibles that take the form of icons from the NES game (I think) in each level which is pretty cool.

After a while playing the single player, we were told there was only time for one more game. We decided to return to Team Deathmatch, since it was currently a draw with each team having won one round. This time the level chose was called ďTrain StationĒ and itís all played inside. Team Dtoid managed to pull through the fire and give the other team quite the ass-whooping (we won by around 10 kills).

Seeing that we won overall, we were each given another T-shirt, which I have to say I like a lot, mainly because of the placement of the CAPCOM logo on the back!

Capcom also gave us free pizza and drinks and McSnow and Anus won socks because they won the deathmatch matches!

*Also socks! (Yes Iím sorry for that horrific pun.)*

My overall thoughts on the game:

I enjoyed playing the game, the multiplayer was fun, and the swinging mechanic added a new idea to the gameplay. Aiming was sometimes hardly, especially when trying to grapple people, since they're always moving but I sort of liked that factor, since it made things more difficult. Granted, it often resulted in me grappling to the floor and reeling myself in at a high speed to the floor when all I wanted to do was grapple someone and zip-kick them, but I suppose practice can make almost perfect.

The gameplay isnít very difficult from a lot of other games when you remove the idea of the grappling arm. Itís still your typical run and gun game, and those looking something innovative and fresh may not find that here. I personally liked the gameplay for what it was, though Iíve disagreed with the general consensus before, for example I thought Assassinís Creed was a really good and enjoyable game. . In a sense I can see the game getting boring after a while, but a lot of good games do, doesnít make them any less of a good game (well not in my book). Iíd call this a try before you buy purchase.

Bonus note: In the training level we played with the ďClassic RAD SpencerĒ costume, which was pretty nostalgic, you unlock it in Bionic Commando rearmed, which is a nice little bonus for owners of the game.

What we did after:

After our playthrough we headed to a Japanese restaurant/bar with two Phoenixís mates and Jack where we ate as well as all had a good laugh and chatted about random things from cosplay to the history of Dtoid. After McSnow, Pheonix and her pals left, Me, Anus and Jack returned to Trocodero where we played sum vidya gayms. At the Street Fighter 4 arcade booth, there was some guy who was ripping people apart as Akuma. Jack and Anus had goes, but I was too fearful, since although Iím pretty good with a pad Iíve never played Street Fighter on a stick.

From there, we decided to take leave since the setting sun was getting ready to shine on the other half of the world.

Iíd like to thank Hamza, Destructoid, Chiara & Capcom for the opportunity and the swag. Iíd also like to thank Anus, and he knows why! Finally Iíd like to thank my dog, Tamoto, we made it; I knew we could do it!   read

9:04 AM on 02.01.2009

10 (+4) Things You Probably Didn't Know About Justice

At first I was struggling to find 10 but suddenly I had more than 10!

1. My username is not taken from the French Band. In fact, when I first joined here, I signed up as ďPoetic JusticeĒ, but when the cblogs first came, when people with spaces in their name wrote blogs, they couldnít be viewed without taking the space out of the URL so I asked Niero to change my name to Justice. Hence why Iím still Poetic Justice on the forums. Hereís two of my old avatars:

2. I still own my NES which was my first console as well my SNES, N64, GameCube, GameBoy Colour and GameBoy Advance. Actually I still have the zapper for the NES too as well as the first game I ever got, Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt in one cartridge. That was an amazing Christmas and I think I got the NES when I was 3.

3. I love drawing and like EX35 am also a flash animator. Ever since I was a kid Iíve been in love with drawing and at age 15 my mate introduced me to Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash of course), and Iíve been in love with it since.

Iíve done a few Destructoid related things, including a background based on the all your base meme viewable on the previous link and here, a Dragonball Z type drawing, a random piece and a random animation of the smoking robot walking.

Even a Mario Kart DS logo:

Some random shoop about Chad:

Recently my skills have improved and Iíve done more serious things for my assignments at uni, such as an artefact teaching kids about sexual health (including a guest spot by PaRappa the Rapper here, an artefact about the awesomeness of Japan (including playable Koto) here and an artefact mixing the lives of Max Ernst, a dada artist and Dr Frankenstein from the book here.

π. Hopefully this week I've be starting a weekly blog about great Flash games because I love them so much. Ever since Sheir's Sunday Sidequests stopped there hasn't really been anything similar.

3.5. I also have a deep passion for music. I play piano, recorder, drums and beatbox (with a harmonica sometimes!). I'm also learning bass guitar. I also produce music using Logic Pro when I get a chance and enjoy music of all genres as long as it has a good beat. The first game soundtrack I bought was the Street Fighter 3 soundtrack, but before that I got the Yoshi's Story and Smash Bros. Melee soundtracks for free from Nintendo Official Magazine.

4. Iíve never smoked anything in my life and first drank alcohol in May 2008 at age 19. First it was because of religion but as I grew up I felt both were unnecessary, especially smoking because it harms straight away. I drink every now and then (The Ghost and AnusMcPhanus have seen the only time I got drunk haha!) but itís not something I feel compelled to do.

5. Destructoid has been awesome to me. Iíve won a lot of stuff here including 800MP from Koopa13 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and a RSV2 shirt + faceplate from McSnow:

A Civilisation Revolution faceplate, poster signed by Sid Meier plus the money to buy the game!

Some E3 swag including iPod speakers, stickers, a Tatuaje baseball cap and a 2K belt buckle:

Heck Destructoid has even given me the chance to go to gaming events I would have no change of getting into if I wasnít part of Dtoid.

6. My favourite game of all time is Ocarina of Time. Iím also pretty sure itís the only game has ever made me cry, and that was at the ending. I remember going to Poland and bringing my game and memory/rumble pack with me so I could finish. WHAT a game. Seriously, the memories are just too much.

7. Iíve been to quite a few countries, including:
ē Scotland
ē Wales
ē France
ē U.S.A. (Florida)
ē Canada
ē Australia
ē Japan
ē Poland
ē Trinidad & Tobago

Thereís still a whole bunch of places that I havenít been that I want to see though including:
ē Italy (Venice is particular)
ē New York
ē South America (Guyana in particular)
ē Africa

My favourite place that Iíve been to abroad is most definitely Japan. I turned 13 there and a few months before I went I got into DragonBall Z and anime so going there definitely made me excited. However, not only did I fall in love with the anime aspect when I went there, I fell in love with the culture, having stayed in mountain areas, cities and peopleís homes I was just taken away with the awesomeness of Japan.

8. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronomer. I know itís not the typical policeman or fireman, but dammit I love the sky and the stars that dwell within it. I donít know what it is, but something about the stars fascinates me, every time Iím coming back from a club at 2AM or Iím just out in the early morning I always look up and just gaze are their beauty for a minute or two.

9. In Year 5 (when I was 10) I played Romeo in the school production of Romeo & Juliet. I signed up to play Mercutio but the guy playing Romeo was messing around so they booted him out and asked me to play Romeo. I was so nervous playing Romeo on the first night when each song came on that I was meant to sing, I skipped the first line and sang from the second line.

10. Additional facts you may not know:

-1. I wholeheartedly think that Super Mario Galaxy is one of the greatest Mario games ever, placing number 1 on my list with Super Mario World and Super Mario 64. Super Mario 3 is slightly behind those three.

-2. Iím saving my virginity till marriage, or at least trying to. Like drinking and smoking, it was originally because of religion, but as I grew up it became a personal choice. Random to have on here but since Iím talking about myself (which I hardly do) I figured Iíd go all out.

-3. Iím sort of a closed book and I enjoy learning about people. Rather than talk about myself Iíd much rather listen to other people talk and learn about them. I donít know why, but learning why people do certain things that they do and things about people is just fascinating to me.

-4. Iím mixed race, and my heritage actually derives from more than 5 countries, including England, Guyana, Holland, Trinidad & Tobago, Scotland and way far up China and Israel!

0. I love this website and the community. 4SRS. Before this website I used to frequent Kotaku and Joystiq often, but after Kotaku linked to here and I signed up, this has been my main gaming site and is probably my main site in general. I refresh the main page a few times every day just to see what new blogs and cblogs there are.

The community here is so awesome, and the fact that the community has so many areas like the forums, the cblogs and IRC where everyone is welcome, because weíre all still part of the main tree Destructoid is great.

Meeting up with fellow members is always a great time, even at crappy events like the event last year, meeting fellow Dtoiders made the event awesome. My Destructoid new years resolution is to definitely be more active. Also thanks for the idea SilverDragon, Iím enjoying reading 10 things about everyone! If you havenít blogged about 10 things do it now!

Baby Justice is happy!


:D   read

6:25 AM on 01.12.2009

Hiphop + Video Games = Good!

So Burglarize showed you a video by DJ I Dee that was had a half decent track and a gaming related video. Well here's a song I much prefer by him that is still gaming related.

It's a mix of two of his tracks one called Swollen Dome which samples Common and Krs-One, and the other called 1991which samples a piece of music from F-Zero, off his Solitude EP.


Some of the art in the video reminds me of Paul Robertson's work.

Here's the making of video if anyone's interested (Not really SFW).   read

1:58 PM on 01.09.2009

For Burnout Paradise fans: A brand new look at the cars coming this summer

The new Crash TV podcast is out, and the team look at the new cars coming this summer so I'll let the video do the talking. Anyone else going to pay for this content?

[embed]117499:16874[/embed]   read

2:41 PM on 01.06.2009

Americans Tyra Has Invaded Your Shores, Resistance Is Futile

Tyra Banks the plasticy plastic wrapped whore has infected your soon to be president!

Also, at those who are after her heart (like Kryptinite) all is not as it seems my friends:

Choose your fighter!

5:48 AM on 01.04.2009

I hugged Hamsa "CTZ" Aziz...

...and his arm hair gave me 3rd degree carpet burns across 80% of my body.   read

3:53 PM on 12.19.2008

NVGRShortblog: Is that a Whopper I smell or are you happy to see me?

Well my American comrades, it seems Burger King has decided to "expand the market" in your country and are now selling a fragrance for men called "Flame". According to BK, it has a manly scent with a hint of meat, why add meat to the mix I have no idea why. However according to one user, no scent of meat has been detected.

Does anyone plan to give this a test? Perhaps this scent would be perfect for Reggie Fils-Aimť and his hambuger ways!

For more information you can check out the official website or just check here   read

5:18 AM on 11.03.2008

Shortblog! When Gaming & Music Shouldn't Collide - Camron' VS The Mercenaries 2 Theme


Not much to say here, except a while back I heard a new song by hip hip artist Camron' (who is actually a good artist at times) called Owe Me (Oh no you didn't!). Even though it's produced pretty well, it just doesn't seem like the right mix of artist and melody to me. I think I'll stick with my Sonic Raps.   read

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