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4:24 PM on 03.19.2008 // Justice
What ever happened to #3: elbartoqwertyuiop + Bonus Mega64 RS6V2 Ads

Alot of the veteran Dtoiders will recognise this name instantly. Elbartoqwertyuiop was a dedicated dtoider, he once had the highest number of posts in the forums & even now is 4th in the list of top forum posters even though he hasn't posted since August. He was a well known joker, and contributer to many threads in the forums, but suddenly he disappeared and never returned?

Any information regarding him would be helpful.

Also, coming soon (as in May (after exams)) I hope to have interviews with Robert Summa, Nex & Leigh Alexander.

Here are two Mega 64 ads for Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 in the meantime:

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