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Justice avatar 7:41 AM on 02.08.2008  (server time)
The Justoid Preview: Assassin's Creed- Altair's Chronicles

OK I thought this game was due in March but since it was released a few days ago I decided to try it out after being disappointed by the video that was posted by one of the editors a few days ago.

My thoughts after completing the first level:

Graphics: For a DS game the game is quite good looking, even though most enemies look exactly the same. There are even videos between levels that are decent in quality (they used the actimagine codec which was also used in Metroid Prime: Hunters and Mario VS Donkey Kong 2: March of The Mini's.

Gameplay wise, the game is quite simple, in the first level you start off without a sword so your only method of attack is by kicking. Later on in the level you get your sword and through various button inputs (2 so far) you can execute different attacks using the X and Y buttons. As you go about your business killing those in your way they drop health for you and along your path you will find blue orbs that can be used to upgrade Altair and his weapon(s?), with more attacks and so forth. You have your usual controls, jump, walk/run, creep quitely etc.

For the most part the touch screen isn't used, unless you want to take out your sword or put it back using that method (you can also use Y for that function). The main use of the touch screen is, as shown in the video, pickpocketing people, or restraining them.

When you want to pickpocket, you are given a time limit in which you have to rub your stylus on the screen to reveal the person's wallet and then you have to drag the item you wish to steal (in the first level it was a key) out of the wallet without touching any of the other items, which decreases the time limit. When restraining a person, you have to tap certain ares of the screen in time, just like Elite Beat Agents, except without the music.

The music is typical of what you would expect with "intense" music playing when you pull out your sword. Stealth kills are also in the game so I supoose that changes things up a little bit.

Overall, this game reminds me very much of the Prince of Persia games for mobile phones (or cellphones as you may know them), which were developed by Gameloft, who also developed this game.

The game is average I would say since the gameplay is pretty tedious and nothing is special about the game itself, however this may appeal to those who like those mobile phone type games, or are Assassin's Creed fanboys (do they exist?).

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