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I am SeŠn, also known as Justice, aged 23. I've got every nintendo console (excluding the virtual boy) but no I'm not a fanboy. I've got a DS and a PSP in terms of this gen handhelds, and I've also got a PS3, Wii and 360 :D
I enjoy gaming, playing sports, chilling with mates and so forth. I reside in London, UK, and am currently a Creative Designer, having previously gone to University to study Multimedia Technology & Design (Graphic Design, Web Design. animation etc).
Happy reading!

Gamertag: TheSolidSound
Friend Code: Your guess is as good as mine

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Why hello there good sir/madam, it is I your oldest friend Justice, also known as SeŠn. I joined Dtoid back in December 2006 after being linked here a few times from Kotaku. After joining I realised that Destructoid was pretty much everything I could want from a gaming website and thus hung around the forums a lot, spending time with the then well known folk like Backflip, Sheir, Banj and Serpentish (not forgetting Mxy or dprime of course).

Eventually I disappeared from the forums due to real life taking up a lot of time, but I still stayed connected to the site, cblogging often and eventually meeting up with some other UK Dtoiders at the Live event in March 2008. The event was very disappointing but meeting up with the other Dtoiders made being there truly worth it. In fact we got to play Rock Band together a couple of months before it came out (in EU territories since the Americans got it way before us).

As time went on we started meeting up more and more often and with the creating of Dtoid UK I became more and more involved in the UK community side which leads me to today. Itís worth noting, since Dtoid UK is full of racismz, that I am mixed race (majority white) yet I have been diagnosed as the black guy by the Dtoid UK folk.

Iím currently playing Red Dead Redemption, Super Street Fighter IV and No More Heroes 2. Iím looking forward to Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is out on Friday, because Iíve grown up with the Mario games, I love them all (including Sunshine, especially the bits without F.L.U.D.D.) and Super Mario Galaxy is one of my favourite Mario games.

For more information, or to request a free sample, please click here.

Sincerely yours,

PS: Thanks for supporting BritToid!
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