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Justice avatar 9:08 AM on 06.26.2008  (server time)
Guess That Videogame Sample Vol 3: Journey VS REM VS Megaman (Also NTSC VS PAL Smash Bros Brawl)

Welcome to another blog of "Guess that Videogame Sample". Today we uncover a strong similarity between songs by Journey, Rem and Megaman's Elecman music.

Not much else on todays topic, but in other news, I got my UK copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl today (for £30!). As some may recall from my last blog I updated my Wii and found someone who will buy my NTSC copy for £40 (we settled on £35). I made a quick comparison image:

As you can see the PAL box is quite lighter in colour than the NTSC box, and also has no Spanish on the back. It also comes with that annoying green triangle on the spine to show that it's PAL. The two box shots on the right are of the GAME exclusive sleeve, which isn't just a piece of cardboard, it has shiny bits and certain parts are raised..... so yeah it is just a piece of cardboard. All in all I'm happy with my chocie in updating, since I got my money's worth back and now I don't have to put in another disc before putting in Smash, plus I don't mind going through the game again (I stopped playing Subspace Emissary at the Grand Maze part because it's LOOOOOONG).

I don't think there'll be much changes in the actual game, other than renaming the soccer ball to football (as it should be!) but who knows. EDIT: Nope it's still called Soccer Ball! Damn Nintendo!

Oh and can I just repeat from my comment in Gemsi's post that if you're buying anything from use the promotional code"modgamer" and you should get £3 off anything unless the code has expired by now.

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