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Justice avatar 9:24 AM on 08.26.2010  (server time)
A Week in Cologne, My Gamescom 2010 Recap (WARNING: VERY PICTURE HEAVY)

Welcome to Cologne!

Since some of you won't have made the journey to Gamescom this year, I figured I would recap the event through pictures. Here we go!

*Scottie's American Hot Dogs... in Germany*

After flying to Frankfurt-Hahn airport, we waited for n0brein a bit, meaning some of us were hungry. Thus me, Roy and Seto each decided to get an authentic Bratwurst.

*Seto sure loves his meat*

After downing our delicious Bratwursts, n0brien turned up and we split into two cars to head to his parents (who are incredibly amazing) humble abode in Luxembourg. We put our stuff down and then were given the MTV Cribs tour of the house. Following that, it was dinner time, as Mama n0brien had made spaghetti bolognese. It was delicious!


After dinner, Papa n0brien took us to his basement, which hides an underground bar!

*Roy is in heaven!*

Following that, we came back upstairs since Mama n0brien made Awesome Cake (it's marble cake but on another level).

*Someone made a spilly-poo*

At that point, it was time for the Gamescom Team to get to work...

... but not before some SKYPANS with the Shark-Man himself!

*Keep it classy!*

Since it was pretty late, most of us decided to call it a night and hit the sack. After waking up the next morning and getting ready, it was time to head to the Hostel we were staying at for the rest of the week.

*The view from the back of the house*

*This reminds me of Cinderella for some reason*

*Thus began our 2-3 hour journey to the hostel*

After reaching the hostel, we dumped our stuff and went on a short walkaround, checking out Cologne.

*Asian Afro Shop, despite our inital confusion from this we later learned it's an Afro hair shop owned by Asian people!*

*!German design++*

After checking out the local area, we decided to go on a neighbourhood watch for some KFC. After a fairly long period of searching and then finding the KFC (with the help of some bad directions), we decided on going to an American Diner/Bar in the area.

*Go to Cologne and be a family man!*

We then headed home, and the Gamescom team got their journalismz on.

The next day, the Gamescom team headed to Gamescom and did work while me, Seto and Watermanx/Baby Jake/BJ/<Name Pending> went out to see more of Cologne.

*Can you see the word "Helvetia" in the font Helvetica?*

*What happened last night, somebody tell me!*

*Anti-Fascism FTW!*

While walking we found Cologne Cathedral (which I didn't even know existed) and proceed to go inside.

*It's pretty darn big!*

We then left the Cathedral and saw more of Cologne.

*MC OBAMAZ??? The graffiti here sure is different*

*Jake looking suave above the water*


*LOVE THE POLICE? Again, very different to London graffiti!*

Eventually we headed back to the hostel, ate and drank, and called it a night.

*This is the room Me, Seto, Jake and eventually n0brien's brother stayed in*

*This is the bar in the hostel, where you can smoke inside (which was a bit weird at first since you can't anymore in England)


*The view from our room.*

Since it was the next day, it was time to check out Gamescom. The next set of pictures are from the rest of the holiday so I'll just add notes in between some of them rather than distinguishing by day as I did before.

*The Koelnmesse, home of Gamescom 2010*

*LOLNERDS! (j/k)*

*Seto in LOST TIME TRAVELLER mode playing Tron*

*Seto in RICHARD SIMMONS SUSHI DANCE mode playing Just Dance 2*

*View from the tram on the way home*

*One of the cars from the Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit area*

*A promotional image for FIFA 11*

*Another car from the Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit area*

*Seto and a PlayStation rep re-enacting that classic scene from Titanic*


*n0brien's brother Alex meeting Charles Martinet aka the Voice of Mario and some others!*

*What a cool guy, on the right of course. My favourite picture from the trip... maybe!*

*Gamescom Festival that night, free Coca-Cola FTW!*

That night some of us decided to go looking for a club to get into, after an hour searching we didn't find a place, meaning that some people went home, leaving just me, Pew and Roy looking for a club. We walked down a few streets from our hostel and found a student club which was downstairs in a basement-like place, with a lot of smoking. I should also note it was very hot, to the oint where EVERYBODY was sweating. We still had a great night though, very well worth it.

*Pew and Roy "IN DA CLUB"*

*The team hard at work*

Eventually we came to our final day. It was time to say goodbye to the great land of Germany.

*Roy and Jake a.k.a. Hammertiem*


*Hollie and Jake deep into their NOMNOMS*

*Pew and Watermanx*

*Shakey classy as ever*


*I am such a tourist*

*Ahh, back in England again.*

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone that came, it was the first DtoidUK trip out of the UK and it wouldn't have been anywhere near as amazing without each one of you. Special shoutouts to n0brien's parents, since they are truly amazing, I haven't seen such hospitality since I stayed with a Japanese family over 8 years ago and of course, thanks to Destructoid (and it's community of course), since without the big robot I would never have met these awesome people that I am proud to call my friends.

Hopefully more of us will make it to Gamescom next year!

BONUS: Before you complain that I'm only in one picture (j/k) here's a pic of me at the NFS: Hot Pursuit area

Also here are a few videos:

Jake and Shakey fighting with inflatable sword/spear things:

Seto showing us his moves:

Finally, a small clip from Gamescom Festival:

Note: Some of the images are larger than needs be because the uploader refused to upload them, thus I had to take them from my Facebook.

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