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Justice avatar 4:10 PM on 08.11.2009  (server time)
A quick thanks to Destructoid, it's been long overdue (shortblog)

What's up folks, every now and then I see people giving thanks for the swag Dtoid has given them, and I've been blessed enough to win a few things from the big robot so I figured I'd give the props where they are due since I haven't really since my 10 things post. Recently I won the two haiku contests (Ninja Blade and Neves Plus) and the Valkyria Chronicles Artbook. The Ninja Blade soundtrack is awesome, especially since I love all things Japanese, and the mix of traditional Japanese music with hard beats is highly addictive. The Cat T-Shirt is bigger than I thought (which is a good thing) and I've already worn it to work! The Artbook is fully of gorgeous art, as a fan of anime (and someone who draws in a Manga-style a lot), it's been very inspirational.

Just before you say "dis iz nawt nooz" I was sketching the outline for a new Destructoid wallpaper hot of the heels of my last one and I ended up painting it in (something I've never done before). I know it's pretty lame, but hey, as my first digital painting I like it so I thought I'd share it. I'm still working on a Destructoid version, but I have no idea when that will come out. It'll be vector based though, since (thanks to a few recommendations and my job) I've learned Adobe Illustrator (something I thought I'd never do since I was commited to Flash). Here it is!

Anyway enough about me, so here's a "Cheers!" to Destructoid (the robot, the site, the editors , the community and the cocks), it's coming up to three years here for me, and it's been a very enjoyable ride!

PS: I hope to frequent IRC and the forums (again) soon so see you all there!

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