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JustKarol avatar 1:35 PM on 03.17.2012  (server time)
Mass Effect 3: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Appreciate the Ending.

Decided to break my two year hiatus and type again. I'm dreadful at keeping up with these blogs.

Endings are important. I know the journey in between is what makes the story, but there is nothing for satisfying than to see all the time and effort that you put into a story leading to an ending that leaves you heartfelt. This goes for double for video game as it demands triple the time and quadruple the effort, so the conclusion should be fourteen times more satisfying. Unfortunately a majority computer games nowadays don’t live to that promise.
This is of course all is in relation with the Mass Effect 3Not and its’ notorious ending, leaving fans confused, agitated and primarily disappointed. While it took a moment for myself to digest it, I’ve comes to terms with it and actually spawned an appreciation for ME3. And it seems that a majority of people with an internet access and frontal lobe also have a warm approach to it. So don’t take this as new information. I’m just here to feed the fire that was already made and hopefully singe some haters along the process.
What’s wrong with how the franchise wrapped things up? The only way to approach this subject is by extracting apparent problem and what I felt. However before I dive in, allow me to cover my backside by mentioning the important factors that revolves around the idea of spoilers, personal opinions and speculation as in there may be some.

Best place to start probably would be choice segment. The Paragon/Renegade aspect is most certainly one of Mass Effect’s most defining traits as it one of the few games that does morality system justice. The choices that are made throughout only alter events that revolve around the story rather than the plot as a whole. Yeah, characters and alignments come and go but maguffins and objectives remain intact. Never in the game are you allowed to make a giant U-turn in priorities to take down Joker and his robosexuality is what I mean. This all leads to the first argument against the ending.
From what I have gathered is the reasoning behind the rage is that all possible endings were planted in front of you from get-go, all of which leading to similar results. Regardless of what choices you made throughout the game.
This is all very similar to Deus Ex, more specifically Deus Ex: Human Revolution where we are given button A, B, C or D to choose from which in turn activate the Deus-Ex Machinia machine followed by the (mandatory by law) crap cutscence.
Now hold on to your flying buttresses as I may rock the foundation by saying ‘I think they're missing the point’. I know it a fantasy and the choices that made as an avatar wouldn’t necessarily be the ones that you’d make in the carbon world. But I never really agreed with the idea that you should be rewarded with what what path you took. If you want to destroy a civilization in its’ entirety or punch a woman in her entirety, the only thing that should motivate you in doing so is the self-satisfaction. Not because it gives you the best armour or the angriest feminist group. And with the final decision of said game, you shouldn’t need a clip to comfort you that you had a mass affect on the ending. (Lord did I just say that?)

If the audiences weren’t complaining about the grey cloud that shrouded ME3’s linearity, it was the lack of a silver lining that didn’t follow after it. Bluntly: no happy ending.
This all bogs down to what you’d call a Happy Ending. I always thought that not having the galaxy located near shit creek in your epilogue would qualify as being a good call. But other people aren’t easily persuaded.
At this point, anyone who is reading would be well aware of both the petition for a DLC ending as well as my potential spelling errors. A solution that still doesn’t make sense.
Why? The fact that it made you a verified tear duct isn’t enough of a reason. If anything people should commemorate it. In the case of my playthrough, many of the characters that died in Mass Effect 3 were indeed my favourite. That said I never felt it was unjust, all of it had meaning that lead to the inevitable outcome (despite what people think). Take the Suicide Mission of ME2 for; this was a section that I played more than once to ensure that the Normandy’s population was far away from zero as possible as it was suggest was suggested that it wasn’t their time. While in the ME3 the lingering notion that they will die would always be present and all you could hope for that it wasn’t all for vanity.
While it didn’t concluded with the entire crew chugging some frosty chocolate milkshakes in Purgatory, but it was by no means A Requiem for a Dream 2.0. And you can’t fault a developer for making you emotionally invested into a character that will have to sacrifice themselves for the need of the many.

I was going to dedicate this slot to the final image in Mass Effect 3 but chose against it. So here's a fraction of space in all its' glory

Personally, I’m satisfied with how it all wrapped up. Certainly, I would end a whole lot different with a whole lot of lightning bolts and frosty chocolate milkshakes.
Yet while I didn’t get the ending I wanted, I certainly got one that I needed; which was one that embraced closure. Y’see this problem with saving the galaxy, even if you thought it was under whelming. No matter what follows afterwards it will always be diminished in comparison because, well, you saved the Galaxy! Can’t really imagine spin-off where Garrus shares an apartment with a surly Elcor now can I?

Now I still stand by what I just said, but this Kid's purpose made sense the same way a Monty Python joke doesn't.

Admittedly I would of loved to of seen a ‘Where are they Now’ epilogue. Yet, for a series as vast as Mass Effect, I always felt that it best to fill in the gaps yourself. Lazy I know, but assuming what lies beyond the stars is what started the idea Mass Effect franchise to begin with.
The premise of Mass Effect was about a commander named Shepard who as his/her names would suggests, herded all the races into one galactic pen to stop the Reapers. In the return, the Reapers were stopped and his/her name was written into history.
I would like to end with an emphais on endings and their important. That said, not all ending are the ones you want and if you’re unable to accept that the outcome will always be

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