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JulMen1985's blog

9:12 PM on 08.11.2009

Rich Diamond the Unknown Soldier of P.C. Games

Have ever wondered where did all the good P.C. games go? Well for a long time I have wondered the same thing as I play the same P.C. game from my living room or my friend's house. Then one day back in the 90's a good friend of mine and former Sunday School Teacher came up with the answer. He decided that it was time to reintroduce the world to good old fashioned P.C. games. He had the idea to make a P.C. were you didn't need to kill, blow-up, or burn anyone to have a good time. His answer was making a puzzle game with the idea of having you solve a series of puzzles in order to move to the next level. It was a new idea in an industry full of the same thing, violent P.C. games. The main character was called Rich Diamond and he was a Treasure Hunter who would collect Diamonds inside the game levels. The levels were of course filled with an assortment of Monsters, Spiders, Arrows, Bombs, Etc. that got in your way. Each level was a puzzle with its own set of challenges, it was up to you to finish each one and move on to the next level. As one continued on the levels would get harder and harder until you got to the Grand Daddy of Levels. Players also could make their own levels in the Level Creator that came with the game. If one wanted to share his/her level with friends and family, he/she would only have to copy the level save file from their game and give it to them. I was one of the first people to give Rich Diamond a try and was hooked from the beginning. A few years later, he would develop a new game called Mad Scientist. The same concept was used, but with you playing as the Mad Scientist and having to build your Monster while trying to solve a puzzle at the same time. With both Rich Diamond and Mad Scientist under his belt, my friend continued to make family friendly games for the P.C. Another game he designed what a form of word game in which the player would have to fill in the right word that pertained to two words that used the same word in a sentence. Currently my friend is in the process of releasing Rich Diamond on the iPhone and hopes it will continue to introduce in more people to his puzzle game. In conclusion, both Rich Diamond /Mad Scientist were games that broke the idea that the making/playing of puzzle games was outdated, and old school. If you have the same idea of enjoying both fun and challenging games as I do, then all you have to do is look up Rich Diamond or Mad Scientist. Both games will run you about twenty dollars a pop, but that are both worthwhile games that everyone with enjoy.   read

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