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Nine new Games For Windows announced

A Microsoft press release was sent out this morning revealing nine new Games For Windows: "Alone in the Dark" (Atari) "Bionic Commando" (Capcom) "Conflict: Denied Ops" (Eidos Interactive) "Empire: Total War" (SEGA) ...


Microsoft CES briefing preparations

Preparations are underway at CES for Microsoft's press briefing. These pictures of the setup were posted on Major Nelson's Flickr account: This is one of the more interesting pictures posted: At the bottom underne...


Jim Sterling: Anti-Microsoft

Jim Sterling - Now with moar anti-M$! (Also, noobie post.) A heated debate took place tonight on the front page after recent breaking news that Jim Sterling hates Microsoft. (There has also been talk that he doesn't like Sony, but it's only a rumor.) What kind of world is this that a gamer can have an opinion? When asked about these recent accusations Jim had this to say:


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