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Jradrox's blog

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Jradrox avatar 11:47 PM on 04.12.2012  (server time)
My Origin Story

The origin of my name and my beginnings in gaming
So after lurking the Destructoid page for a while I've finally decided it'd be a good time to introduce myself. My name, is Jeffery, or as most of you know me, JRadRox (my nickname from my softball team was J-Rad, I threw on Rox because at the time I was watching TNA Impact and Roxxi was wrestling, I thought the Roxxi sounded cool but changed it to Rox because I'm a guy and didn't want some chick name....true story). You may have seen me once or twice casting with King Foom on Mash Tactics. ( I think I've been over there for about 3 different shows now?) I've been a gamer pretty much 28 out of the 30 years of my life. My obsession with the gaming world began in the early 80's, my parents had an Atari 2600, and from as far back as I can remember, that thing was my main obsession in life, I didn't know how to play half the games we had, I don't even know if you could technically beat 90% of them, but it didn't matter. The flashing lights, the monotone beeps, I was hooked. I'd like to think that they've I've learned a lot from playing video games, "Number Munchers" taught me math, Carmen SanDiego taught me geography, and Oregon Trail taught me how to conserve ammo, which I later applied to money in real life, no bullets in the game meant I couldn't hunt for food, in real life, no money means I can't buy food. (I attribute that game to my owning a house, even told our realtor that, I'm forever going to known as the Oregon Trail guy to him).

Fast foward to today, I've gone from pixel based games to about as real life as you can get, I lived through the 8bit golden age, the 16bit wars, the jump to 64 bits, up to today's standard of high definition gaming.
While I may not be as up to date on new releases, (I've still yet to play any of the Mass Effect series, but maybe that's a good thing?) I try to make the best out of all of them, even the ones that obviously suck. (I drudged through TNA Impact on the wii out of spite for how bad it was.)

So how did I end up here?
My journey over to Destructoid ironically enough happened when I met King Foom, you know, the guy who hosts Mash Tactics, seriously, if you don't know, go look him up, he's one of the nicest people I've met. Foom and I actually met a few years prior, his wife and my soon to be wife are best friends, and one day Pickles (Foom's wife) had mentioned to me that her husband hosted his own online gaming show. I was intruiged, I watched, I became hooked. It wouldn't be until about a year later Foom and I actually met up in person, our first time meeting was pretty short, he was preparing for one of the WWE tournaments that he's now more or less famous for ( I wanna say it was the 4th one?). Needless to say, I became a follower, and when he found out he was coming over to D-Toid, I checked it out. (I had seen a few episodes of Mash Tactics prior to Foom coming over, but because it was usually on when I was at work, I missed out on a lot of them.) From watching Foom, I soon became friends with other broadcasters on twitch and D-Toid, meeting tons of cool people. I even tried broadcasting myself once. (Failed miserably, 0 viewers, I think I only played for like 45 minutes because I got bored.) Now that I got this intro out of the way, I'll hopefully write something that makes an impact on you, the reader, or at least if anything else, get to know more of you guys by sharing a little bit of me. But most of all, this is me trying not to suck. ^_^

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