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Jradrox avatar 12:53 PM on 10.25.2012  (server time)
MGS: Why can't I give you up?

The Metal Gear Solid series, where do I begin? My love for the series began with the PS1 in 1999. I saw the game sitting on a shelf at Funcoland and thought, why not? I liked war games and desperately needed a break from Twisted Metal and Jet Moto. Little did I know that by purchasing this game, it would invoke all kinds of feelings in me ranging from pure hatred to the love I feel for it now. Now please keep in mind, in 1999, I didn't have internet access, if I got stuck somewhere, I either had to go buy a strategy guide from the bookstore, assuming they had one or figure it out myself. Needless to say I quit playing a lot of stuff because of this. One of the first things that completely screwed me over was the fact I originally got my copy of MGS used. Anyone who's purchased "used" games knows that there is the off chance you don't get the original box with said games, or manuals for that matter. The manual wasn't a big deal, I figured out most of the controls on my own, the fact I didn't get the case, well, that was a different story.

See, for those of you who have played the original Metal Gear Solid game, the case has a codec for a character that moves the game along, not having that codec number meant I was stuck. Piracy while not quite as bad as it is today, was a huge deal and if you couldn't bother to buy the game with the case, well, screw you I guess. I ended up having to beg my mom for a ride to the mall so I could go find a copy of the game with said case so I could finally move on with my life.

(this was the bane of my existence!!!)

(On a side note, I eventually re-bought the game with a case after one of my friends borrowed it and sold it for weed money...we don't talk anymore...) So I finally was able to communicate with Meryl, playing the game and Psycho Mantis shows up. This wouldn't have been a big deal but again, I didn't have internet and didn't know that you could plug in controller 2. I stopped playing the game at that point. I moved on in life, graduated high school, started college and eventually got a PS2 from my parents. (It was there way of telling me to relax a little, I was working 2 jobs, going to school and sleeping maybe 2 hours a night if I was lucky.) Metal Gear Solid 2 was up next. This time I didn't screw around, I bought a new copy, had the internet in case I got stuck, was ready to rock. I finished 2 and eventually went back to 1, rather than starting from where I left off, I was forced to start over because my save data got deleted. I finally got around to beating Psycho Mantis about 2 years after I had originally started the game and worked my way to the end. Snake Eater was a Christmas present, I didn't leave my apartment or really sleep for 3 weeks, my life was consumed by the series. I ended up replaying through 1 and 2 during this time as well. Years later, I got a PS3 as a birthday present from my parents, my sister got me MGS 4. The cycle began again.I nearly broke down by the end of 4...

I just can't quit you SNAAAAAAKE!!!!!

I recently finished Peace Walker since it was available on PSN. (I have considered buying the MGS collection numerous times, which is usually met with, you already own them and they collect dust in your office along with your PS2.) and like before, I have this urge to replay all the games again, this time in storyline order.

So I would like to ask you the readers, do you have a game series you just can't quit and if so, what is it that appeals to you?

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