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Joshy910 avatar 10:20 AM on 06.08.2013  (server time)
A Better Online Requirement For Xbox One?

While clarification of some issues regarding the Xbox One didn’t realise everyone’s worst fears, it didn’t put them to rest either. Many of the Xbox One’s policies just don’t sit right.

The worst, for me, is the required online check-in every 24 hours. There’s no reason for it to be so restrictive. I can understand why some sort of online authentication is required; without it, there would nothing to stop one disc being used to install a game on multiple consoles, and said consoles being kept offline to avoid detection. But the same protection could be achieved with a much less obtrusive requirement.  Here’s a way it could work:

An internet connection is only required at the installation or digital purchase stage. This would prevent any re-use of the installation disk, but would also mean that those in the armed forces, or others who were going to be without coverage, wouldn’t be prevented from playing, as they could simply install their games ahead of time, while they have internet access. It could even be taken a step further.

An offline installation could be introduced, whereby the game is installed as normal, but the disc must be present in the drive to play it, like on the Xbox 360. This would allow the  purchase new games without internet access, while all the time preventing multiple copies of a game being freely distributed.

It’s impossible to believe that someone at Microsoft hasn’t also thought of this. It’s a mystery why they are pushing this inconvenience onto their customers when a seemingly better solution is at hand.

Microsoft continues to talk about the benefits of a constant connection, and there are benefits, but it should be up to the individual consumer whether or not they wish to partake, and they shouldn’t be denied access to their purchased and installed content when they refuse certain features.

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