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Josh Tolentino says:

In other news: Valkyria Chronicles 2 screens, my comments

// Submitted @ 10:18 PM on 08.31.2009

Siliconera coughed these up, and it's not much that I can decipher with my limited moonspeaking skills, but there's some intriguing new work out:

Ohho, looks familiar, eh?

Multiple vehicle types, and it says that this thing might carry troops. Sounds cool, I was tired of using my lancers as meatshields for the Edelweiss' rear radiator.

Multiple-area battles? Sounds like it would be necessary on the PSP (ala Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce).

If it turns out I'm late on this one again, this nightmare fuel should make up for it a bit.

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Josh Tolentino

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