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Josh Tolentino avatar 1:15 PM on 09.08.2009  (server time)
Here's the last Persona 3 Drama CD animation (shortblog)

Back in February I ran a SO RONERY P3 FEStival and showcased the work of a certain Segami Daisuke, one of the best Aegis-obsessed fan artists around. He was animating the tracks from one of the Persona 3 Drama CDs, namely the episode "A Certain Day of Summer," covering Aegis' day out with the crew.

Drama CDs are essentially radio plays featuring a game or anime show's voice actors. You don't really have that kind of thing in most western games, but they're quite prolific among popular franchises.

In any case, most Drama CD plays are relatively mundane affairs, but the artist really packed in boatloads of in-jokes, referencing everything from Social Links to external properties like Touhou, Akagi, and even Kuso Miso. In many ways it's even funnier than Tartarus Theater.

Even if you don't get what's going on, if you've played the game you'll get some idea of what's going on. Visit the February post for the other seven parts.

Will we see more Drama CD animation in the future, perhaps for P4's? Perhaps, but It's taken almost a year and a half to provide for roughly an hour's worth of content, and the artist still hasn't had enough of Aegis (thankfully). Given the latest updates, we might see even more P3 material in light of the P3P female protagonist (assuming a Drama CD for that hits). I wouldn't mind a Devil Survivor work going up, though.

In any case, I uploaded the file on Viddler (it's too long for Youtube). Here's a quick summary of what went on.

The crew visits the beef bowl place. Fuuka apparently likes her beef bowls without beef (just eggs and rice). The best Persona 4 commercial parody ever occurs at 1:12. Everyone asks what Aegis will be doing when it's all over. Yukari tries imagines how Aegis will deal with events that require her to take her clothes off, such as physical exams, wearing PE bloomers, or swimming. They visit the temple and Aegis is asked what she wants to wish for. At the dorm, she wishes to continue staying with everyone.

Stick around for the credits, which contain some awesome art of other P3 drama CD scenarios that won't be getting full animation. Below is the embed, from Viddler. Click here for the original Nicovideo link. Here's the actual Viddler page in case this embed breaks.

Some key frames (with more in the gallery):

Enjoy, motherf*ckers. It keeps me from having to work on my next eroge piece.

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