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Greetings and salutations;
I come to you in hasted nights lack of sleep, under the hastened rattle of keys clicks and clacks after many unrealized similar rants.

What sparked my desire to digitally log about today's subject would be the commercial for an upcoming game, "the first templar." I dare not capitalize the title as proper, for they found it urgent enough to use the t as a crucifix to highlight the Christian feel of this game, and not use a bit of capitalization themselves. The actual video animation is simple, only showing slow graphic scenes, either trying to show that the game contains the special feature called pacing, or as to not distract from the gratuitous Latin required for any christian mythos/historical game, as though Catholicism is the only branch of Christianity. It might as well be, as far as the gaming industry is concerned though. The inquisition, Constantine, his labarum and the shift of the roman empire into a christian empire, the years before that when Christians were being oppressed, and several crusades, Catholicism stands out as the highlight of Christianity as a game religion and general tone, just look at the space marine faction in Warhammer 40k. But I'm getting distracted from the point at hand. What the commercial was highlighting was the voice acting, church latin and almost following famous prayers. I know the demographic this is selling to, I know the thoughts that went behind it, which is almost precisely "Assassin's Creed clone, throw in the word templar because it sells well. Why this add is going to fail though is from the focused voice acting: If you're shooting for a semi-historical setting, screwing up the voice acting, not just the pronunciation but the words themselves. "Hallowed" and well, "Haloed" isn't even a word, much less the same word.

A lesser point of contention is in the still add, as it depicts a token female character. Either this is going to be the initially strong Action Girl trope designed to undergo Badass Decay for the simple male superiority common to the time, but if they were going for historical accuracy, then the female wouldn't have become a hero in the first place, at least not without being a Joan of Arc ripoff, which I'd think would be more tasteful than throwing a anachromatic Laura Croft into their game to claim that the game is targeted towards both genders.

I'm not saying that this game is or will be passable or terrible, this rambling is only covering the perceptions I get from the adds.

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