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JosephCampbell's blog

2:15 AM on 01.23.2013

In regards to the cross gendered avatar and sexuality

Though I'm certainly not the first person to tackle this subject, and likely not the most educated, I believe I've come upon a milestone that may provide insights to some more educated in psychology, sociology, and game cultu...   read

3:46 AM on 06.18.2011

The WoW Killer...

This always happens on the sequel or expansion of any loved product, the inevitable bad review claiming how a product had ruined the franchise. I won't go to the extent of claiming that the entire Warcraft franchise has been...   read

7:28 AM on 05.10.2011

Game advertising failures

Greetings and salutations; I come to you in hasted nights lack of sleep, under the hastened rattle of keys clicks and clacks after many unrealized similar rants. What sparked my desire to digitally log about today's subject ...   read

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