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Joseph Leray avatar 10:07 PM on 12.13.2007
I got a robot -- Christmas came early edition

You read that right -- Christmas came early for me this year, and I got a Smoking Robot. If you don't know yet, check out Niero's explanation of the Destructoid/Smoking Robot connection.

Anyway, the first toy in my big boy toy collection comes courtesy of a special friend that some of you know as she-Orcist. The rest of you may call her Andrea. Head over to her Vox for some pictures. I don't know what else I'll be getting, but if it's half as sweet as this, you'll all be hearing about it.

And no, there aren't any epic credits, or a sweet soundtrack, or a fart noise at the end because I'm not a Workmeng, and I don't know how to use iMovie. I would've done it, but my computer is in a bunch of little pieces on a highway in Alabama (no joke), and even when it was in one piece, it was never sweet enough for movie editing. Think of it as a sneak peak into my life. I'm not a black man, and I'm not Justin Timberlake.

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