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Joseph Gabaeff 's blog
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I am an intellectual property lawyer in Palo Alto, CA, where I specialize in interactive media. What this means is that I get a pat on the back when I play World of Warcraft at work. Yea-uh! I am also Editor-in-chief and founder of Bloggey Kong, a blog dedicated to tracking legal developments in Interactive Media.

I wouldn't be a lawyer without a disclaimer:
Joe Gabaeff is a licensed attorney in the State of California. Opinions expressed in this column are Mr. Gabaeff's own (but even he doesn't believe all of this stuff). Reach him at:

The content of his blog articles is not legal advice, and is for educational and informational purposes only. It only constitutes commentary on legal issues. Reading this blog, replying to its posts, or any other interaction on this site does not create an attorney-client privilege between you and the author. The opinions expressed on this site are not the opinions of As with any legal issue that may confront you in a particular situation, you should always consult a licensed attorney familiar with the laws in your state.

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Joseph Gabaeff
6:44 PM on 06.30.2008
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