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Josef Hargreaves avatar 2:37 PM on 09.11.2010  (server time)
Non-Lethal Kill-Streaks

Yes it's about Call of Duty multi-player. No I don't care that you hate the game, I like it, so I'm writing a small rant or commentary on it. There's the back button if you don't want to read this, or just scroll on down.

It has been recently suggested to me that one major problem of Kill-Streaks, is their ability to create multiple kills with ease, both increasing your Team's score on TDM/Free for All for free, and stopping enemies getting their Kill-Streaks. "One way this could be stopped" said he "is to have non-lethal Kill-Streaks.", an idea which is implemented, but not enough.

Kill-Streaks should help your team, not get you free kills. Current examples of this are the UAV,Counter UAV, and EMP, with Streaks such as the SAM Site, and Blackbird coming into play in Black Ops. These should be expanded on. Keep these, the Care Package and Emergency Air Drop, and you already have seven Kill-Streaks ready to be used. Now that Juggernaut and Stopping Power have been removed, they could be implemented as higher-kill Kill-Streaks. Keeping with the Perks theme; Eavesdropper. In non-competitive play, you may not find it too useful, but if you are playing in MLG, it could be invaluable. It can also be used to allow Perks such as One Man Army a way back in. Being able to continuously cycle was what broke the perk, but once per life if you get X amount of kills, that can't be too bad, can it?

A variation on this could be to look at perks, and do the opposite. Tactical Mask reduces the effects of Special Grenades; well why not a Kill-Streak that increases the effectiveness of your Special Grenades? Longer lasting Flash and Stun Grenades for a while, maybe even a Kill-Streak where your opponent regenerate health more slowly, and your Team-mates more quickly. Dive across a door-way etc., fire off a few pop shots, recover your health in a second or two, and then finish them off with consummate ease. If you run straight at them, you're both still on that level playing field, but use cover effectively, and you'll make the most out of it.

Just a thought...

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