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Jorvik's blog

6:52 PM on 04.05.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Here it is, my sweet machine, which is not my Turning Point gaming rig. I bought this Gateway laptop about four years ago because I was going to study in England and the programme recommended I bring a laptop. It's been good ...   read

5:45 PM on 02.11.2008

Good Idea, Bad Idea: Mandatory Pacifism

Good Idea, Bad Idea: Mandatory Pacifism In my last Good Idea, Bad Idea I talked about random maps. This got me thinking about the mechanics of board games. Today Im going to talk about two board games: Settlers of Catan and...   read

2:22 PM on 02.11.2008

Quick Thoughts on Religion and Gaming

Wow, Destructoid is in rare form today. Ever since that Gamefaqs kid burned down the church we've had a firestorm of controversy. Here is the time line as best I understand it. 1. Jim Sterling's post about the Gamefaqs kid....   read

10:58 PM on 02.07.2008

Good Idea, Bad Idea: Age of Empires and the Random Map Revolution

Last week I was at Goodwill and I spotted a copy of Starcraft. The disc was clean and the price tag said 95 cents. I figured at that price any game was worth picking up, especially one of the most acclaimed RTS games of all...   read

9:28 AM on 12.25.2007

Velocity Contest: Backup Plan Edition

And I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for those meddling kids! This contest was great fun. I had a feeling that I'd not overcome Thornnn but I had fun trying. I hope I entered the Destructoid community with a sp...   read

11:09 AM on 12.24.2007

Velocity Micro Giveaway Contest

Greetings Destructoid community. I thought the original post said this contest ended the day before Christmas, but the main page says 10/23. Either way, I've come too far not to post this. I'm hoping this will "up" the ante, ...   read

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