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3:02 PM on 10.19.2013

Please help me raise 5 Thousand Euros for Cancer Research UK


I'm a Youtuber that's never really asked for much. I'm not very big, and I haven't done much noteworthy with my life, but I have entered this competition with the will to bring the prize money back for Cancer Research. It's a very personal charity for me - but I can't do it on my own. I need the gaming communities help. I've been a gamer all my life, and I feel like I'm with family whenever I'm with a fellow gamer, and I want to appeal to all of you - please give me a hand. All you have to do, is go to the video page and give it a thumbs up. That's it - the video with the highest likes wins at the end. Sharing it and Commenting will also help of course, but please at least give it a like. Thank you, I love you all!

Here is the video -

Here is the Competition page - (I'm JordanVoletic) -

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8:25 AM on 10.13.2013

Unholy Heights (Steam) Review

Check out my latest video! It's a review of Unholy Heights, a Steam game that is half tower defense half landlord simulator :) Be sure to watch in HD, full volume etc and give it a share and a like!   read

2:56 PM on 10.01.2013

Jordan @ Eurogamer Expo 2013 - Xbox One, PS4, and More!


3:52 PM on 06.24.2013

Jordan's Top Ten Super Nintendo Games of All Time


6:07 PM on 06.12.2013

Obscure Arcade Games - Battle Flip Shot


5:00 PM on 05.28.2013

Obscure Arcade Games - Dragonball Z:V.R.V.S


3:11 PM on 05.21.2013

Xbox One Reveal - My Thoughts/Reaction

What a calamity!


2:53 PM on 05.10.2013

Carmageddon for Android Review

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12:15 PM on 04.29.2013

Obscure Arcade Games - Cheeky Mouse

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1:42 PM on 04.18.2013

Jordan's Top 10 Video Game Themes of All Time

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1:42 PM on 04.18.2013

Obscure Arcade Games - Ufo Robo Dangar


4:05 PM on 03.24.2013

Jordan Reviews - Mario Teaches Sums

Check out this weird educational title from 1994! SUBSCRIBE

@JordanVoletic   read

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