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Jordan is a founding member of Destructoid, poster of seemingly random cute animal pictures, and tends to be shockingly inoffensive.

Drop him a line if you have a pitch, questions related to anything Dtoid, or just want to chat. For best results, send messages to either jordan [at] destructoid [dot] com or @DtoidJordan

Jordan does a live streaming show based out of Portland, OR with Dtoid's Conrad Zimmerman and his wife Katrina nearly every Saturday at 10:00am Pacific on Twitch.tv/Destructoid called Saturday Morning Hangover. No, they aren't actually hungover ... usually, but might as well be as they play through independent games of dubious quality for your viewing pleasure. Jordan occasionally does a podcast with a few other current and ex-Dtoid contributors, Zero Cool, as well. Hack the planet!
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Seriously, if you haven't tried Pac-man Championship Edition, do so immediately. It's pretty damn addicting. The levels continuously add pellets onto the field so there are no cut scenes or breaks.

This bad boy along with a frame just made it to my house today. While it is awesome in itself, I need a few more posters to fill up my wall space.

Can you guys come up with any good movie posters? I'm leaning towards the horror genre, but if the poster is cool and the movie was decent, that would be fine too.