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JorTroN avatar 3:11 AM on 12.19.2008  (server time)
My set-up

After seeing the community highlights with everyone else's setup, I thought I'd finally get around to sharing mine. So altogether we have the ps2, ps3, xbox 360, Wii, sega genesis and sega cd, snes, dreamcast, DS, PSP, Sega Nomad, Sega Game Gear, Vectrex and the PC. I have no idea how many games I have, never bothered to count. I have the flat screen for all my hi-def needs, and the other TV for my older stuff. I have a sweet little mountain dew mini fridge I won in a contest and all my other random crap.

[edit: semi fixed, images now embedded here, super insane sized versions below.]

Head on facing the fancy 32 inch HDtv, it's a Vizio I got on the cheap from wall mart.

This is my second tv, it's flat screen, but doesn't support any hi-def, I use this mostly for the older consoles. And those are airsoft guns, if your wondering.

This is a side shot of all the equipment, the white tub thing next to the HDtv has all the controllers and crap.

This is my pc, it's inside the cabinet on the bottom left, 22' lcd widescreen monitor, with the vectrex and other crap next to it.

The newer stack of games, PS3, 360, WII, PS2, xbox, DS, and PSP stuff all jammed in here. Also a nice shot of my mini fridge that I simply could not live without.

The vectrex with it's friends the sega nomad and the game gear.

Sega CD games, two of the guns for the Lethal Enforcers games. Sega cd highlights would have to include corpse killer, mortal kombat and Flashback.

A recently aquired copy of android assault and boxed sega genesis games.

Loose SNES and Genesis games.

PSX and Dreamcast games...most of the Dreamcast are burned copies

PC games

Older accessories and game gear games.

Mostly newer accesories, dreamcast controller jammed in there.

That's about it, if you want super ginormous pics the ones below are coming up huge for some reason, so if you need detail it's there. That's everything though, as I said I've never counted all my actual games, but counting everything, including the digital downloads through steam and the console stores, I have to have at least 500 games altogether. I am working on acquiring a Jaguar and a Lynx after xmas. Thanks for reading and drop me a line if you want. Thanks much!

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