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JorTroN's blog

3:11 AM on 12.19.2008

My set-up

After seeing the community highlights with everyone else's setup, I thought I'd finally get around to sharing mine. So altogether we have the ps2, ps3, xbox 360, Wii, sega genesis and sega cd, snes, dreamcast, DS, PSP, Sega ...   read

4:27 PM on 10.30.2008

A totally biased review of Fallout 3

Yes, I have played every single Fallout game, including Tactics and the awful Brotherhood of Steel. Yes I still own them, and yes I love them simply because they have the word Fallout in the title. The original two were a...   read

11:04 PM on 05.22.2008

I feel bad about killing that hooker...

So I'm playing GTA IV, and decided to go on an ever ending quest to eradicate the city of human life. In the days of Vice City and San Andreas, killing random civilians was always a blast, riding down the sidewalks at full...   read

10:48 PM on 05.22.2008

Hello Destructoid Community!

Finally got around to starting my blog here on the best page in the universe. I plan to go into discussions about general gaming topics, more so than reviews, but if I can snag something early I'll try to do so. I wor...   read

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