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3:11 AM on 12.19.2008

My set-up

After seeing the community highlights with everyone else's setup, I thought I'd finally get around to sharing mine. So altogether we have the ps2, ps3, xbox 360, Wii, sega genesis and sega cd, snes, dreamcast, DS, PSP, Sega Nomad, Sega Game Gear, Vectrex and the PC. I have no idea how many games I have, never bothered to count. I have the flat screen for all my hi-def needs, and the other TV for my older stuff. I have a sweet little mountain dew mini fridge I won in a contest and all my other random crap.

[edit: semi fixed, images now embedded here, super insane sized versions below.]

Head on facing the fancy 32 inch HDtv, it's a Vizio I got on the cheap from wall mart.

This is my second tv, it's flat screen, but doesn't support any hi-def, I use this mostly for the older consoles. And those are airsoft guns, if your wondering.

This is a side shot of all the equipment, the white tub thing next to the HDtv has all the controllers and crap.

This is my pc, it's inside the cabinet on the bottom left, 22' lcd widescreen monitor, with the vectrex and other crap next to it.

The newer stack of games, PS3, 360, WII, PS2, xbox, DS, and PSP stuff all jammed in here. Also a nice shot of my mini fridge that I simply could not live without.

The vectrex with it's friends the sega nomad and the game gear.

Sega CD games, two of the guns for the Lethal Enforcers games. Sega cd highlights would have to include corpse killer, mortal kombat and Flashback.

A recently aquired copy of android assault and boxed sega genesis games.

Loose SNES and Genesis games.

PSX and Dreamcast games...most of the Dreamcast are burned copies

PC games

Older accessories and game gear games.

Mostly newer accesories, dreamcast controller jammed in there.

That's about it, if you want super ginormous pics the ones below are coming up huge for some reason, so if you need detail it's there. That's everything though, as I said I've never counted all my actual games, but counting everything, including the digital downloads through steam and the console stores, I have to have at least 500 games altogether. I am working on acquiring a Jaguar and a Lynx after xmas. Thanks for reading and drop me a line if you want. Thanks much!   read

4:27 PM on 10.30.2008

A totally biased review of Fallout 3

Yes, I have played every single Fallout game, including Tactics and the awful Brotherhood of Steel. Yes I still own them, and yes I love them simply because they have the word Fallout in the title. The original two were a huge part of my life when they were first released and although I didn't have a fantastic time with the two spinoffs, I still loved the universe and the lore as a whole. The moment that blew my mind in the originals was when I saw that first talking head...and the moment I slipped a live grenade into a childs pants and ran away laughing hyterically. The games were two pieces of art, forever etched into my memory.

Fast forward to years later, years gone by where the ideas of a new fallout game were running rampant with the leak of the "Van Buren" demo and the idea of being able to revist the world once again. I had not discoverd the van buren demo until after Bethesda had announced that they would be taking the reigns to the beloved franchise. I suppose I cannot gripe as much as i'd like, as it was unfinished and not totally realized, it was fun, but it didn't feel like a Fallout game. Suddenly news was everywhere about this new Fallout, fully 3D with a massive world to explore and experience. I was excited, but skeptical. The phrase "Oblivion with guns" was being spouted by the masses every few minutes, and I began to question whether or not the game would be true to the franchise. I preordered it over the summer and waited with bated breath.

Videos and news slowly began to trickle in about the game and every new crumb of information that was feed to me got me more and more exited. The introduction of V.A.T.S. and the resurrection of dogmeat were absolutely amazing. I finally knew that even though this game might not be a real piece of Fallout canon, I must own this game. The combat seemed deep and the exploration as fun if not better than Oblivions. The ever looming threat of "Oblivion with guns" still loomed in the horizon, and while I was very excited, I was very nervous. Midnight could not have come fast enough on Monday, October 27. The local Game Crazy had a midnight launch and when I arrived only myself and one other person were there to get the game. I did not care, the lunchbox that it came in was exciting enough, but little did I realize the cache of gold contained within.

I apologize for the rant, but I felt as though I need to preface this review in order to show my caution before I dove into this game. I also want to say that while this review may contain a couple spoilers, I don't feel it's anything to major or that people haven't already heard. I am also writing this review without completing the game, as I feel it's not necessary and once you hear my peice it won't be an issue. With that said, thank you for bearing with me and now finally...on to the review.

I won't spoil the fantastic intro/tutorial levels for you, so we begin that moment you leave the vault. At this point all my fears and doubts are cast out of the window and I knew, I just knew, that this is it. This game is not only a true successor to the originals, but this game only stands to show how great the Fallout universe is and Bethesda did a top notch job of reviving and continuing, the series. It gives you an option similar to Oblivion, and allows you to change your stats or looks one last time before you head out into the world. Once you step outside you are blown away by the detail, the surroundings, albeit destroyed, are absolutely gorgeous. The game is very pretty and it's astounding how much is going on at once without a single hitch. I felt so amazed and overwhelmed that I honestly didn't know what to do. It was a good feeling though, not one of bewilderment or confusion, but of sense of not knowing what to tackle first.

I chose to explore, scouring the wastes for some better equipment and armor. I wandered and invaded as many little caves and buildings as I could, starting with the elementary school near the vault and working my way outward. I really don't know how to describe the feelings one gets when playing this game and all I think I really need to say is go buy it...right now. On the technichal side the graphics are amazing, the attention to detail is insane. The game runs a at very solid rate and rarely is there any slowdown or hiccups. The dialog and responses are well written and the moral choices feel very real and emotions will run high at certain points as you must choose how to treat these people that surround you in the wastes. So while all the other elements of the game work incredibly well, leveling, talking and exploring are top notch, how does the combat fair?

The V.A.T.S. system is a way of reviving the turn based combat present in the originals, while allowing for growth in this new 3D world. It works absolutely flawlessly and is based entirely on stats and formulas used to calculate success of attacks and damage caused. While the real time combat is good, especially at a distance, the V.A.T.S. system allows for an extra layer of strategy and a good way to assess the situation. The slow mo deaths that occur are also the highpoint of the game, it never, ever gets old to run up to a raider or super mutant, cram your combat shotgun in their face and activate V.A.T.S., only to see their brain and eye juice splash across the screen in full High-def glory. In some tight situations, the camera can get a little fidgety, but it's neglidgeable at best.

Overall I cannot recommend this game enough, if your on the fence as to whether or not the purchase is worth it, or your worried that it won't be loyal to the series, don't be. Go to the store and buy it right now. I know this is more of a rant than a review but I can't describe how great this game is. I'll end with an experience within the game.

After obtaining Dogmeat, fans of the series will recognize the name, your canine companion, I began working on the main story missions. I became instantly attached to Dogmeat, healing him and keeping him alive the best i could. He can find ammo, health or weapons for you, which is very useful, and he's also a pretty strong fighter. He levels up with you and I had him for a better part of my adventure. I worked my way to the radio station in order to find my dad. Dogmeat had been with me for about 3/4 of my gameplay time, which was reaching 13 hours at this point. As we made our way in super mutants began swarming when a laser blast screamed past from behind. The Brotherhood of Steel made their first appearance and began to clean the place up. I chose to follow them in as I could save some ammo and health by hiding behind them. As we made it into the main building plaza, we took a quick breather and to listen to a little Brotherhood banter. An exploision ran out and the first Behemoth of the game appeared in all it's scary ass, world destroying glory. The fight got ugly fast as he smashed two of the brothers through the air in a giant swipe that knocked them unconsious. I took as many potshots as I could to get his attention off the Brotherhood, which is when I realized that was a really stupid thing to do. The ever loyal Dogmeat lept forward in defense and that's when I knew we are going to die. He smashed me and I flew back with little to no health, but he changed gears and started to swing at dogmeat. I quickly healed and regained my composure and fired everything I had to get him off my dog. With only a single tic of health remaining on the Behemoth and took one last swing and came down hard on Dogmeat, his head was severed instantly and flew towards me. It seemed like slow motion, and in a final fit of rage I raced forward and jammed my assault rifle in his face and finally brought the beast down. The damage had already been done, Dogmeat was dead and I couldn't stop it. It was pretty depressing, remember when the dog died in I am Legend...more depressing than that. It was awful.

If that doesn't sell you on this game then your an awful horrible person with no emotion...or your a robot, even so, you'll still enjoy this game. Fallout 3 not only sets the world on fire, but it burns it to the ground in a glorious thermonuclear flash. Go buy it.   read

11:04 PM on 05.22.2008

I feel bad about killing that hooker...

So I'm playing GTA IV, and decided to go on an ever ending quest to eradicate the city of human life. In the days of Vice City and San Andreas, killing random civilians was always a blast, riding down the sidewalks at full speed and barreling through traffic in a tank or dump truck. The random and senseless violence was always fun and stress relieving, but only because those games were so cartoony, so unreal, that it seemed entertaining. I realized that in the course of playing part IV, I had never gone on a completely bat shit rampage, just killing everything in site. I have beaten the game, and still I hadn't done this yet. So I ran to the local gun store, stocked up on rocket launcher ammo and grenades and decided to paint the town red. (that was corny as hell but screw you it's my blog)

It didn't last very long...The cops eventually took me out so I said screw it, time to kill some hookers. Ah the hooker, the street walker supreme, the diva of the night, just out to make a buck or two. I got into my Infernus and scoped out the scene to find me a midnight momma. I found an area on the third island where hookers seem to flock like moths to a flame. I grabbed one and threw her in my car and drove down a dark alley to get serviced. 70 dollars and one cigarette later she got out of the car and started to leave. Fuck that, I want my money back, out comes the desert eagle and BAM, no more hooker. That was when it all changed.

I walked over to the corpse to get my money back when it suddenly hit me, a pang of guilt. Fuck, I just killed this chick. I actually felt bad. Early on in the game, in a mission for Little Jacob, you have to wait out back and make sure the dealers don't try to cheese it out the back door, I ran over two as they fled but missed the third. I got out and fired, hit the guy in the shoulder and he looked at me like, "Well shit, here we go", and I shot again, nailing him in the dome and bringing him down. This is the first time it happened, the first time I felt bad for killing someone in GTA. GTA, Grand Theft Auto...a game where you can commit mass genocide and it's ok, but now, in IV, it just seems so different.

Maybe it's the fact that Niko is such a nice guy, or at least tries to be, or maybe it's because this game is pretty goddamn realistic in it's portrayal of violence. Perhaps it's the euphoria engine that makes it so bad, people grab their arms or legs or limp away in pain when they are hurt. Whatever it was, I feel bad for killing innocent people in this game. Only now do I realize that that sounds terrible, It's not ok to kill people, murder is bad, but when done in a cartoonish fashion or over the top goofy ways, it's cool. I'm obviously not abdicating anything here, you know what I mean so shut up.

I don't get it, I've been killing people for years in video games and I've never felt like this before. Either way...has anyone else felt this? Maybe not in this game in particular but in any game have any of you ever felt any real guilt for what you've done?   read

10:48 PM on 05.22.2008

Hello Destructoid Community!

Finally got around to starting my blog here on the best page in the universe. I plan to go into discussions about general gaming topics, more so than reviews, but if I can snag something early I'll try to do so. I work at a popular video rental chain, (it rhymes with Bollywood Dideo...cough) so if I can get ahold of a game a little early I'd be happy to give some first impressions.
I'm 24 years old and have been playing video games as long as I can remember. It started with the Magnavox Odyssey but didn't really blossom until the NES came out. I went the Nintendo route as a kid, my buddy went the SEGA road; up until the Playstation came out that is. As of today I've got everything but a PS3, which I plan to get eventually.
Well that's about it, drop me a line if you ever have any questions, let's get this bitch rolling!   read

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