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Jonii avatar 12:12 AM on 04.19.2012  (server time)
Created vs. Creator: Why I Like ME3's Ending

The following is extremely spoilerific about Mass Effect 3's ending:

So I just finished. Personally, I didn't see a problem with the Starkid as long as that extended cut is a good one. It's not at all what Bioware promised, but then again, I just started this series three weeks ago with Mass Effect. I played all of them in a marathon run free from the years of waiting and without knowing what Bioware said they'd do. I still have a big problem with what happens right after, like all the fleets being stuck in Sol and the Normandy suddenly running away and crashing, and especially all the relays probably blowing up everyone's home system, but about the choices themselves, I like them. The endings still should have been vastly different from each other instead of color changed variations, showing the affect all your choices had, but I don't have a problem with the actual choices, and here's why :

The running theme of Mass Effect has been Created vs. Creator. Salarians vs. The Krogan they uplifted. Quarians vs. The Geth. In a twisted way involving the predetermined paths of evolution, Reapers vs. The Races of The Galaxy. Organic Life vs. Synthetic Life. Cerberus vs. EDI too, as we learned through the backstory revealed throughout. Every time a chance to preserve what was given the chance at life and what gave it the chance in the first place, I did. I made peace between the Geth and the Quarians, the Krogan and everybody... I did shoot The Illusive Man, though.

I also didn't know the Starkid was lying. Even though he lied about destroying all synthetic life, he didn't lie about cycles repeating. I study literature, which is basically finding the connections between anything and everything. I know cycles repeat, and I know that after the war prejudice against synthetics and war between peoples would continue. They did after WWII. So I did the only thing that made sense. I threw myself in.

Everyone lives.

It certainly doesn't stop the probability of war and such in the future, but oh well. Maybe with their new sense of life and I guess "humanity," synthetics will understand and sympathyze with and get along with everyone even more. With their new bodies and enhanced thinking and general functioning, organics will do the same, and maybe have the logic to find new solutions to conflicts instead of war. All of this should also very much speed up recovery and, depending on their biology, survivability. Like the way cooperation between Geth and Quarians gave them like a 50 year head start with rebuilding the homeworld.

The whole series was a question about the worth of life as a whole, and while not what they'd apparently promised, I can see why this was the ending Bioware chose. Yes, your past choices didn't directly affect this at all, but they certainly affected you as a person. I'm willing to bet that a lot of you knew exactly what you were going to pick the second the options were given. No matter what, you get rid of Starkid's control of the Reapers, which are shown in those last minutes to be shackled AI controlled by a creator, the way EDI was controlled by Cerberus.


Control was the option showing that you thought it best to control synthetic life, have it be subservient.

Destruction was the option showing that you had decided committing genocide against synthetic life that was more powerful than you was necessary.

Synthesis shows that you want organics and synthetics to cooperate, and that you can forgive the terrible wrongs either side has committed in favor of a fresh start.

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